Local Hillsboro group provides breakfast to the public

Janet Whisenhunt, Sharon Jost and Gayla Ratzlaff pose for a moment in the midst of helping prepare food. Courtesy PhotoOn Saturday morning, a local Hillsboro group called 2nd Saturday 2 Serve, provided free breakfast for the public. Pancakes and Dale’s Sausage were prepared by volunteers from 8-11 a.m. in the lunch room at Hillsboro Elementary School.

The meal was prompted by the generosity of a donor and then others jumped on board to donate their funds and time to help out. The event was a success with several helping to make and serve the food and many coming to visit and eat.

“We had about 15 volunteers and around 120-130 people. It was a good time eating and visiting. None of us really knew what to expect since this was the first time we had done something like this. It was fun to convince some JAM families to join us. We enjoyed all that came,” said Krista Heinrichs, one of the volunteers.

On the second Saturday every month, they do an act of community service. Their mission is “to serve the greater Hillsboro Community by DOING” and the group said that they all want to make a difference and all can – together. Projects are announced around the 1st of every month.

“We are hopeful that it will continue to gain traction as more learn about it and also as people begin to put it on their calendar, or remember it’s always the 2nd Saturday. We are a community group–and would encourage everyone to participate however they are able.” said one of the group’s founders who wishes to remain anonymous. “One challenge is we are never sure, besides a core group, who and how many will attend each month. Somehow it always works though.”

Guests and servers visit and enjoy the breakfast. There were games and lots of food for everyone who showed up.  Laura Fowler Paulus / Free PressThis breakfast is just one of the events that 2S2S has done. Many of the events include manual work like painting, landscaping and more while others involve collecting donations such as school supplies. All of the events are planned with the knowledge that there are endless needs in the community.

Last month, the group gathered together to make freezer meals for a few families in the Hillsboro community. Participants donated money for the groceries and then served in the kitchen preparing the meals.

There are many events planned for the upcoming year including a regift extravaganza of sorts. There will also be a spring planting and clean up at the Schaeffler house one month.

They are always accepting volunteers and new ideas of projects and places to serve. Anyone can sign up to help. The group just asks that volunteers give 2-3 hours of time and maybe a few dollars to help. You can help even if you don’t give and you can give donations even if you can’t attend the event. According to their Facebook page, 100% of the proceeds donated are used for 2S2S efforts.

For more information, check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/2ndS2S/.

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