Local business owner uses creativity to bring joy to town


Melanie Franz, wife of Dale Franz and co-owner of Dale’s Supermarket in Hillsboro, knew that people liked to drive and walk around town during COVID-19 when everything was shut down. So she decided to decorate the storefront of the old Nancy’s Fashions she and husband Dale own the building in order to give people something to see. “I wanted to give people something to look at and make them happy. I just wanted to bring a little joy to people. It’s not to sell anything, but just to make people happy,” said Franz. Franz said she loves to decorate anyway and this way she can make people smile, too. She finds items to use wherever she can and wherever inspiration strikes her. “Some of the stuff I have had through the years and from the family. We change it out per season. My son Darren helps me out. The current scenes are fourth of July themed on one side and an old-fashioned kitchen on the other. “I did the kitchen and the canning stuff with the home goods. It feels like summer,” Franz said. And it isn’t just local Hillsboro residents who have noticed. “Some people from other towns have noticed, too,” said Franz. Many in Marion County anticipate the scenes. “So many people stop in Dale’s just to ask who does the windows. I’ve had several people tell me that they anticipate what’s coming next. Melanie doesn’t do it for attention. She’s mostly a behind-the-scenes person in the community. She just loves to decorate and make people smile,” said Dale’s employee Becky Gage. “I know how much work and effort she puts into every little detail and has experienced the joy it gives those that stumble upon her creations.” Melanie has had fun creating and appreciates how happy it makes people seeing her efforts. “I’ve been amazed at how many people come in and say “I love looking at it and seeing all the little details,” said Franz.

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