Letters to Santa from Goessel school kids

Dear Santa,
How do you go around the world in one night? Is your whole family fat? Do you have a fat cat? I am good, but my sister was not so good. (You probably already know if you got my elf on the shelf report.) I desperately want Super Mario Maker and a 3DS. Levi wants a tablet and an iPhone. To get to my house you need to go over the orange brick building with a 50 headed cow on it, a random pig left of it, and then go under a river. Are your reindeer fat or skinny? Is Rudolph?s nose really red? Do you even have a reindeer named Rudolph!? Do You? Huh, huh!? If you do and he has red nose can I have the nose? I can use it as a Christmas light. For Christmas I will leave milk, 10 cookies, a motorbike, and 2 rocket engines. If your sleigh is already fast I hope you just be safe and don?t run into 330 houses. Since you are fat, how do you get down the chimney? Have you had the flu before? Thank you for the DS and for not crashing into our house last year.
Your friend, Tristan

Dear Santa,
Why are you so fat? I?m not trying to be rude to you, I am just wondering. Do you have a wife or kids? I?m doing excellent. I?m not trying to be bad. I would like a Wii U for our entire family, an Xbox one that my dad and I can play together, and a blue computer. Please get my cousin, Logan, a car or games. When you come to my house, please don?t touch me. If you do, I might wake up and see you. This year I will leave you Butterfingers and a gallon of milk. I thought you might like candy. Thank you for the presents and candy you gave me last year.
Your friend, Jace

Dear Santa,
This is the way to my home. Go down candy cane lane and once you see the jail with prisoners escaping then take a sharp left. Once you see the headed cow getting eaten by GODZILLA, then go through the duck pond and that will be my home. We do not have a chimney, so just break through my mom?s window. It is the biggest one. I have been good. Oliver has been bad. He spit gum in my hair. This is Christmas so I better get used to it!
Your friend, Sebastian

Dear Santa,
Is Rudolph?s nose a headlight? Is it too bright? This year I have been great. My sisters were funny and good. My brothers were fine and weird. For Christmas I want a tablet, a German Shepard, and a Black Egyptian Mau. I would give my sister, Liberty, 1,000,000,000 cats. To get to my house you will have to go through the woods. Oh, and on the way, beware of my kitten. She is a very wild cat! Is Rudolph too skinny? I will leave you chocolate zucchini bread my dad made! Thank you for making my little brother magical (AKA awesome)!
Your friend, Rebecca

Dear Santa,
Do you have friends? I do. Who all are in your family? What is your favorite Christmas song? I want a board game or some books, but I mostly want New England Patriots Super Bowl tickets if they make it (like they will). When you see some 56 legged horses and a cute dog with a cone head you?ll be at my house. I have a skinny chimney and a dirty house. Be careful! Oh, and don?t forget to bring a New England Patriots Jersey for mom, a New England Patriots cap for dad, an NFL Monopoly game for my big brother, and a set of farm toys for my little brother. I was 99.99% nice and 00.01% naughty. My brothers are 45% naughty and 55% nice. Is Rudolph mean? Is Comet funny? Is Prancer silly? How do you keep track of the good and bad kids? How do you have fun? I will give you milk and cookies for Christmas on a TV tray. Thank you for presents, candy, and Christmas.
Your friend, Koy

Dear Santa,
Do the elf?s work too much? Mrs. Claus must be nice. I?d like to meet her. How long is your beard? I?ve been good for most of the year. I want an iPod, Under Armour hoody, Under Armor headbands, Under Armor shirts, hedbanz and bunchums. I want to get Adriana a Sherpa blanket, too. If you get in our house, avoid our cat Milla. She meows a lot. We do not have a chimney. So be quiet if you break the door. Does Rudolph really have a red nose? I love all the reindeer so much. I think I will leave you milk and cookies. Are you really good at math? Can you teach me? I like everything you bring me. Thank you for being Santa.
Your friend, Abbigail

Dear Santa,
Is Jack Frost your son? How is Mrs. Claus? Is your daughter Snow White? My behavior is good, I mean excellent! My family?s behavior is very good, too. I want a phone, whipped cream can, puppy, and an American Girl doll. Logan wants a Laptop, Abbi wants a rainbow necklace, Aimee wants stuffed animals and Koy wants Patriot stuff. My home is right out of town. It has red bars and when you go down the chimney, you will be downstairs! Be Quiet! My favorite reindeer are Dancer, Prancer, and Rudolph. I will give Santa milk and two corn dogs to get fatter. Is Santa awesome? Where?s Papa Elf? P.S My cats scratch so Beware!
Your friend, Brooklyn

Dear Santa,
Do you have a baby and a wife? Are you fat because you eat too many cookies? I have been good. I hope you bring me a basketball and a soccer ball. I would also like a motorcycle. If you can, please bring my friend Abbi a real monkey or tiger. When you come, you can crash through the window of my white house in Goessel. Does Rudolph smell? Is he rude? This year I think I will leave lemonade and ice cream to help you stay awake. How old are you, Santa? Thank you for bringing presents.
Your friend, Aiden

Dear Santa,
How many people are in your family including reindeer and elves? How is your life? I have mostly been good. Sometimes my sisters are mean to me. I want my own goats, a tablet, Nerf guns, Legos, stuffed animals, and stuffed Minions. My cousin wants Nerf guns and a lightsaber. Here?s a special direction. I have no chimney so break through the window. This year I will set out chips and pop for your good snack. I will leave a treadmill for you. Watch out for the stench of the dead skunk in our yard.
Your friend, Braxton

Dear Santa,
How many reindeer do you have? My behavior is medium. I would like a tablet, laptop, and an iPhone. I would like Skyler to have a PlayStation3. I have NO chimney. I like you?re reindeer. I?m going to leave you chocolate milk, cookies and grain for reindeer. Also, are you red and white? I want a D.S. and my own PS3.
Your buddy, Levi

Dear Santa,
Hi, how are you? I?m good so far this year. Why does Rudolf have a red nose? I want a laptop for Christmas. Hunter in 2nd Grade needs to stop bothering me! I want Brooklyn to get an American Girl doll. I have a chimney. Why do reindeer eat carrots? There will be cake and cupcakes for you. Do you always wear red? Are you hot in that suit? Do you have a real beard? So that kids can pull on it Thank you for being yourself. P.S. Warning, 11 cats will attack.
Your friend, Logan

Dear Santa,
Are the elves tall? What?s your favorite food? Do you use magic? Adrian and I were good this year, but my sister, mom, and dad had horrible behavior. My wish list is a Wii U an Xbox 360 with Call of Duty 1, and a baby boy German Shepherd named Skullcrusher. Last but not least, I would like a Patriot?s cap. My friends want presents, too you know. Give Logan a laptop, Koy a Patriot?s cap, Colby a phone, and Adrian a PS4. I do not have a chimney so come up my toilet. What?s your reindeer?s favorite food? What?s your reindeer?s favorite color? I will leave you oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and milk. Do you like root beer? Do you like candy? Do you like red? P.S Warning; two dogs and three cats might attack.
Your friend, Royser

Dear Santa,
How many elves and reindeer do you have? My behavior is fantastic. For Christmas I would like a poster of the JH girls? basketball team. Also, I?d like a puppy, a black and white kitten, and an American Girl doll. I would like a pony that is real. My cousin Hoxie would love one, too. I live on Spencer Road in a big yellow house, and it?s the first house on the road. There will be six carrots for Rudolph and one for you and your reindeer. How many pounds are you? My guess is 50 pounds. I don?t have a chimney so just go through the front door.
Your friend, Viola

Dear Santa,
Do you live in a hotel? What kind of food do you eat? Is Mrs. Claus fat from your good food? How much do you weigh? I?ve been terrific, funny, and crazy. My wish list this year is a hatchet, a tablet, and a pocket knife. My brother would like 50 toy cars and bring bad toys for my sister. I am sure everything is locked so you can kick down the door or you can face the fire. When the reindeer fly the sleigh do they get to have rocket engine help? This year I will leave you grass and water to eat and drink. How fat do you get? Are you crazy? Do you know what one plus one is it is two? Thank you for not crashing into my house.
Your friend, Sam

Dear Santa,
Are your reindeer fat or skinny? How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I?m great. How many Elves do you have? My guess is 100? My behavior has been 100 percent perfect and my brother?s is 90 percent. Please give me a Siamese kitten, checkers, and twenty dollars. I would like to give Adriana a phone and some chocolate coins. I don?t know if I have a chimney, but you can break through the back doors. Don?t wake the cats up if they are asleep. Are you going to buy a new reindeer? I will leave some cookies and some workout tools. Are you skinny or fat? What are your Elves names? If you?re going to my house, well, good thing I don?t have a dog.
Your friend, Aimee

Dear Santa,
Do you have kids? I have been amazing this year! Please bring me a real horse and an Ashley Barbie doll. If you bring a rocket and computer to my cousin, Raechel, she will be happy. My house is blue and has a chimney. We also have a brown barn. What do you feed the reindeer? This year I think I will leave you milk and cookies to make you happy. Why do you bring presents? Thank you for being nice.
Your friend, Skyler

Dear Santa,
I want a Nerf gun, pocket Knife and some Lego`s. Mom wants some shrimp, but she?s allergic to it. She also wants a new phone. You should know how to get in, but here?s the best way. 1 Crash through the garage. 2 Get the hatchet from a shelf. 3 Break the roof and get in. I will leave you home-made banana bread and some Sprite. Oh, and are you fat? Does Comet ask comments, and is Rudolf rude?
Your friend, Luke

Dear Santa,
How many elves do you have? Do you have a cat? My behavior has been 99% good. My sister, on the other hand, is another story. I would like a Nerf gun, iPhone, Xbox 360, Surface Pro 4, Swiss Army knife, and a puggle. Jace would like a new 3DS and please give Mr. Wiens a pro camera. We have a fire going on, so bring a crowbar to bust down the door. I will leave you a bowl of jelly beans and water. Thank you for being kind.
Your friend, Colby

Dear Santa,
How long is your beard? How heavy is your load? Does Mrs. Claus have kids? Do you work? I am good. Actually excellent. No wait, fantastic! I want an iPod or an American boy doll. I want Mr. Wiens to have fantastic class. Here are some directions. Go through the chimney. There will be a fire so watch out! Set the presents under the tree. My favorite reindeer are Rudolph and Dancer. Does Dancer really dance? This year I will give you pudding so you get sticky and gooey. Do you like peanuts? Why do your elves have pointy ears? Thank you for the presents.
Your friend, Adriana

Dear Santa,
Have you ever broken a body part? Do you ever change clothes? Does your sleigh ever fall from the sky? When you arrive at my house don?t go in my big front lawn or you might turn into lights. Also, don?t go in my chimney (it?s small). Do you have backup reindeer? Do your reindeer get hurt and die? Do you have brothers, sisters, cousins, or parents? I want Wii U games, Geronimo Stilton books, and Diary of a Wimpy kid books. My behavior?Ķ I would call it good, my brother?s decent, and my sister?s good. My sister wants money for a dance trip. My brother wants a 22 gun. Do you ride only on one reindeer at once? I?ll give you bananas. Thank you for not walking in my yard.
Your friend, Jack

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