Last blast of winter

Ice is here today, gone tomorrow

The Mennonite Settlement Museum in Hillsboro (above) was frosted Saturday as Mother Nature christened the first official day of spring with a glaze of ice and an inch or two of snow Friday night and into Saturday. The photo at left illustrates the juxtaposition of winter and spring as snow encases a crocus plant, a traditional harbinger of spring. Within 24 hours of these photos, the snow and ice had all but disappeared as temperatures climbed well above freezing on Sunday. By Monday, the skies were clear and the temperature climbed into the 60s. The biggest inconvenience in some parts of the county, including the cities of Hillsboro and Marion, was a power outage that struck briefly several times before going out for good around 9:20 p.m. and returning around 1:15 a.m. A media spokesperson at Westar Energy said Monday the outage occurred because of equipment problems that likely were related to the weather.

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