Jeffrey tabbed as new Marion Police Chief

Marion lifetime resident Clinton Jeffrey has served on the Marion police force since 2009.

“I started out in the police department as an officer, and then through promotions, I was the assistant chief for the last six years,” said Jeffrey.

Former Chief of Police Tyler Mermis resigned earlier this year. Jeffrey stepped in and served as the interim Chief of Police. His hard work and commitment to service has paid off, and he has been named the Chief of Police for Marion.

“I started Dec. 3 after official approval at the Council meeting,” said Jeffrey. “So far, it’s been a good fit. I grew up here and went to school here. My wife is the county clerk which keeps me connected with budgets and other aspects of the job since she knows a lot.”

While Jeffrey is very familiar with the job from all of his experience, there are new challenges that he faces.

“I am now in charge of the budget for the police department. Doing the budget will be tough since everyone needs funds and I have to figure out how to divvy it up. Now there isn’t somebody above me to make decisions, but I feel ready to make those calls.”

And Jeffrey will continue to work out in the field writing tickets and other duties as needed.

“I don’t want to be the chief that just sits in the office all the time. I work normal shifts just like everyone else. I work weekends and nights. I like that part of being a cop,” said Jeffrey. “I want to be out and about. I want to lead by an example and not be just a boss but a leader.”

In addition to figuring out the budget, Jeffrey wants to focus in on communication.

“My big emphasis for the department is communication. Communicating well is just a huge part of the job. The better we communicate with everybody whether it is me communicating with the officers all the way to communicating with the public so we can all work together,” said Jeffrey. “Communication helps us to solve crimes and it helps make those who have to talk about things that are difficult to talk about more comfortable. We are always here. Come in and chat if you need to.”

Jeffrey is married to Tiffany. They have a son, Liam, who is five and a daughter, Jett, is one. They live in Marion.

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