Incumbent commissioners survive primary challenges

Poll volunteer Lynette Barkman hands a ballot to Sheryl Richert of Hillsboro during last Tuesday’s primary election. About 32 percent of Marion County’s registered voters cast a ballot, according to Tina Spencer, Marion County election officer.Two candidates from the primary election plan to throw their hat back in the ring this November as write-ins challenging Dan Holub and Randy Dallke, incumbents, who both won the Republican primary.

In addition, an unaffiliated candidate is running for each commission seat in the November election.

In District 2, Dianne No­vak of Tampa and write-in candidate Michael Beneke of Lincolnville are running against incumbent Holub.

The candidate in District 3, Tom Britain of Florence, and write-in candidate Amy Soyez of Peabody will be facing off against incumbent Dallke.

Another contested race in November is for the county treasurer’s seat. Incumbent Jeannine Bateman is being challenged by Rhonda Casey-Curry, who is also an unaffiliated candidate.

Primary viewpoints

Some candidates expressed their views about the primary and November election. Dan Holub

Holub said he wanted to thank everyone who voted for him.

“I have a 12-year record and that is what I am going to be judged on,” he said after winning the primary.

“I see no point saying things I don’t mean or can’t produce just to get re-elected,” Holub said.

Beneke, who lost to Holub in the primary by 23 votes, said on Friday he wasn’t conceding just yet. He was either planning to do a write-in campaign or support Diane No­wak, who is running against Holub as an unaffiliated candidate.

By Monday, Beneke said he will go ahead with a write-in campaign.

District 3 commissioner Randy Dallke of Peabody is also facing one of the candidates he defeated in the primary. Amy Soyez of Peabody, said she is running for the District 3 commis­sion­er’s seat as a write-in.

“I would also like to thank those who voted for me in the primary election and would urge them to still write-in ‘Amy Soyez’ in the November general election.

“I would ask people to think about how we have operated this county for the past 10 years and if there is any cause for change and a new outlook?” she said. “If the answer is we need someone new, then please write my name in November.”

Soyez said she appreciates those who voted for her and she plans to continue talking with people in District 3 to gain new ideas and ways to improve the county.Randy Dalke

Dallke was unavailable for comment as was Stephen Rose, who ran against Dallke, and Brett Hajek who, along with Beneke challenged Holub in the primary.

The following are final results from the Aug. 2 Marion County primary elec­tion.

According to Tina Spen­cer, election officer, all results were preliminary until the county commissioners canvassed the votes Monday.

Of the 7,719 eligible voters in Marion County, Spencer said that 2,501 cast ballots for a 32 percent turnout. The number of Republicans eligible to vote totals 4,679, Democrats, 1,143 and unaffiliated, 1,897.

Early or advanced voters casting ballots was 4 percent of the total.

In county races, no Democrats challenged Republicans.

Provisional ballots totaled 48, but only 28 were eligible to be counted.

Final results

The following results with provisional ballots included are:

• County Commission District 2

— Michael D. Beneke, 302

— Daniel Holub, 325

— Brett Hajek, 191

• County Commission District 3

— Amy Soyez, 180

— Stephen Rose, 84

— Randy Dallke, 328

• County Clerk

— Tina Spencer, 1,926

• County Treasurer

— Jeannine Bateman, 1,913

• Register of Deeds

— Rebecca L. Wingfield, 1,894

• County Attorney

— Courtney Boehm, 1,873

• County Sheriff

— Robert P. Craft, 1,993

• State Senate District 35


— Richard Wilborn, 1,812


— Levi Morris, 211

• State Representative 70th District


— John E. Barker, 728


— Jo Schwartz, 102

• State Representative 74th District


— Don Schroeder, 1,130


— Write-In, 10

Moran, Smith

In the race for U.S. Senate, county Republicans chose incumbent Jerry Moran over Della Jean “D.J.” Smith, former Osawa­tomie city council member, 1,862 to 302.

Democratic candidates vying for Moran’s seat in the U.S. Senate saw Patrick Wies­ner of Lawrence with 178 votes to Monique Singh of Kansas City with 65 votes in Marion County.

Huelskamp, Marshall

Marion County voters also chose Republican challenger Great Bend obstetrician Roger Marshall over incumbent Tim Huelskamp by a vote of 1,107 to 1,053 respectively.

No Democrat is running for the District 1 seat, but Alan LaPolice may run as an in­de­pen­dent in November.

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