HPD asking residents to lock car doors at night

The Hillsboro Police Department is asking residents to take precautions when leaving vehicles unlocked around the city.

Police Chief Dan Kinning said that during the late night and early morning hours of March 17-19, someone entered about 33 vehicles in the city of Hillsboro.

“In 16 of these incidents, loose change, cash and one ring were taken, and nothing else was removed from the vehicle,” he said. “In all of the other incidents nothing was taken from the vehicles.”

One common denominator, Kinning said, was that most of the thefts occurred when vehicles were left unlocked.

“Most of the incidents were not reported because nothing was taken,” he said.

But officers went door-to-door to identify as many victims as possible, Kinning added.

In total, $268 was taken in change and bills, he said, along with a diamond ring valued at $200.

“The incidents occurred in several parts of town and were not isolated to any given area,” Kinning said. “Video showing three males entering one of the vehicles was obtained and the suspects are shown committing the crime.”

Authorities believe these individuals are from outside the community; Kinning said his office is working with other agencies in an attempt to identify the suspects.

“We have shared the video and other evidence with the agencies covering the jurisdiction we believe the suspects to be from.” he said. “We also believe we may have DNA evidence from at least one of these people.”

In addition, police in Hillsboro are requesting any agencies with similar incidents to contact the HPD.

“We encourage everyone to remove all valuables and lock their vehicles when not in use,” Kinning said.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding these car break-ins is asked to call HPD at 620-947-3440.

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