Hospital planning to open a family practice clinic



The chief executive officer of Hillsboro Community Hospital confirmed Monday that plans are moving forward for HCH to open a family practice clinic in the building located immediately north of the present hospital.

?To make room for the family clinic, the hospital moved the specialty clinic located within that building into the hospital itself,? Mike Ryan said. ?We?re doing a little work over there, getting ready for a family practice clinic there.?

Ryan said the idea to open a family practice clinic linked to the hospital is not a recent development.

?We had planned all along? and still do have plans?that when the (new) hospital is being constructed, that we?ll also put together a medical office building out there and staff it with family practice personnel,? he said.

But the announced departures of two medical staff this summer at the Via Christi Hills?boro Family Practice Clinic at 508 S. Ash prompted the hospital to move ahead with the plan now rather than wait, according to Ryan.

Via Christi Medical Associ?ates announced in late July that it will end its ownership and management of the clinic Dec. 1. A local movement has been exploring other ownership arrangements.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Lynch, a physician assistant, has moved to Okla?homa to be closer to family, and physician Randal Claassen will end his involvement at the clinic at the end of this month.

?With those two people leaving, we did not feel we could wait until the medical office building was completed before we proceeded with these plans to recruit some people to the community,? Ryan said.

Currently, physician Michael Reeh has a private practice on Washington Street and Melissa Batterton, a nurse practitioner, continues to treat patients at the Hillsboro Family Practice Clinic.

?We?re still in the recruiting process,? Ryan said in regard to bringing medical professionals to the proposed HCH clinic. ?I can?t give you a firm date for when I?m going to open up the clinic, but we do plan to open it within the next few weeks.

?We?re talking with several individuals right now?physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners?who are interested in providing services here,? he added.


?The people currently in the community, Dr. Reeh and Melissa Batterton, are doing just a great job with covering things right now. But I plan to have some help for them here soon.?

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