Hillsboro to get more ‘bang’ for the bucks

Hillsboro residents will have an additional day to legally shoot fireworks in town during the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The Hillsboro City Council agreed to a request from Charles Rempel, a local fireworks distributor, to add July 5 to the days prescribed for shooting fireworks in Ordinance 1130, which states the cutoff as midnight July 4.

Rempel said he was suggesting the change since July 5, a Monday, will be the legal working holiday for Independence Day this year.

The council agreed to the extension, but set 11 p.m. as the cutoff time that evening?although Police Chief Dan Kinning said the earlier hour wouldn?t make a practical difference in the number of complaint calls he and his officers would have to respond to.

?They shoot them off whether we ask them to stop or not,? Kinning said.

In other matters, the council deferred making a decision regarding a request from Linda Ogden, director of Commun?ities in Schools of Marion County, that the city contribute to the Marion County Family Financial Assistance Fund.

Ogden coordinates the fund, which is used to help families around the county who are in temporary financial crisis and don?t have funds to pay basic household expenses such as utilities, medical attention and food.

Ogden said the fund, which is administered by a consortium of agencies called the Marion County Family Financial Assistance Network, had run out of money by the end of May.

Through all of 2009, she said, more than $10,000 had been distributed through the fund. The money is usually combined with contributions from other agencies, organizations and community ministerial groups.

The council tabled Ogden?s request until it received more information about its past contributions. Ogden said the council had approved a contribution last year, but the money was never received.

In other business, the council:

? heard from City Admini?strator Larry Paine that the city?s application for a ?Cops Grant? will be re-submitted for approval. If the application is accepted, the grant would provide an entry-level salary for an additional police officer for three years. The city would be required to pay for other expenses related to the new officer?s service.

? approved an operation plan prepared by City Clerk Jan Meisinger for the city?s new compost site. An operations plan was required by the state when the city moved the site from south of town to north of town.

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