Hillsboro plans to act on junk vehicles in city

The city of Hillsboro will be stepping up enforcement of junked vehicles beginning Wednesday, Sept. 1.

Ben Steketee, Hillsboro?s code enforcement officer, said giving advance notice should give people time to correct the problem.

?We want to abate this problem quickly and fairly,? he said.

For those unsure what constitutes a junked vehicle, Steketee offered the following information from the city ordinance.

?The description of junked, wrecked or inoperable vehicles includes absence of a current registration plate; placement of the vehicle?or part of the vehicle?on jacks, blocks or other supports; or absence of one or more parts necessary for the lawful operation of the vehicle on a street or highway.?

With advance notification, Steketee said, the city hopes to avoid forfeiting one or more vehicles or taking other legal action.

Steketee suggested several strategies for owners with junked vehicles:

? repairing, registering and insuring the vehicle;

? moving the vehicle to a location outside of the city;

? contacting a junk dealer to arrange removal;

? placing the vehicle in an enclosed garage or building;

? placing the vehicle inside an approved fence;

? donating the vehicle to a fire department for training purposes.

For more information, call Steketee at 620-947-3556.

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