Hillsboro council expedites pipe order for Tabor building project

The Hillsboro City Coun?cil agreed at its Oct. 20 meeting to pre-purchase pipe that will be to relocate some waterline to accommodate the construction of a new indoor training facility for baseball at Tabor College.

The estimated cost of the pipe is $31,000.

Rerouting the waterline, which is connected to the city?s large water tower, is necessary because the location of the new training facility would otherwise be built over the existing waterlines, which is not allowed by city code.

A spokesperson for Tabor has said the college hopes to begin construction of the training facility next month, with the hope of completing it by late February or early March.

The two-story facility will measure 60 feet by 80 feet and be situated along the first-base side of the college field behind the home dug?out and immediately west of the water tower.

?In checking with our supplier, there is a three-week delivery time if we ordered (the pipe) now,? City Admini?strator Larry Paine informed the council. ?Wait?ing for a contractor to order would delay the project beyond Tabor?s expectations.?

Paine said Don Heller, an engineer with EBH & Associ?ates, has represented the city in conversations with Tabor and its project contractor, Vogt Construc?tion.

Hellar said one of the conversation points is what to do with the existing asbestos-concrete (AC) pipe, given the state?s strict requirements for asbestos disposal.

Rather than remove AC pipe when it runs a new waterline, Paine said the city usually abandons in place. In this case, though, leaving the waterline in place could cause problems for Tabor down the road if the empty pipe collapses from the weight of the building.

Paine said the best solution may be to fill the abandoned pipe with a thin concrete ?soup? called flowable fill, which should keep the pipe from collapsing.

Paine said Tabor is willing contribute to the cost relocating the waterline.

?Clearly, they should not be involved in the complete project, but there is an impact area that should be attributed to their need to move the line,? he said.

Paine said Hellar put together a tentative schedule that would have the city completing its work by Nov. 25?if the Kansas Depart?ment of Health and Environ?ment approves the city?s plan.

?Anything they are not happy with will cause slippage of time,? Paine said.

He reminded the council that the city also will need use the legal process to vacate street right-of-way and rewrite easements to reflect the changes involved with the project.

Paine estimated the cost of the project to be around $180,000, with Tabor College possibly contributing about $40,000 of that amount.

Paine said his plan for paying the city?s portion of the project initially will be to use funds from the Capital Improve?ment Projects budget, then take out a temporary loan not only to reimburse the CIP dollars, but also to purchase the pipe needed to replace the waterline along Wilson Street during 2016.

Morgan Marler, the city?s chief water technician, said during her 16 years with the city, crews have been called upon to fix some 30 waterline breaks along Wilson, and there were additional breaks prior to that.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? watched as Mayor Delores Dalke presented Shelby Dirks with a plaque for his 131?2 years as a city council member. Dirks resigned his seat earlier this month when he changed his residence from the West Ward to the East Ward.

? approved the mayor?s appointment of the following rural-township representatives to the city?s Fire Advi?sory Board: Dale Klas?sen, reappointed from Risley Town?ship; Kevin Suderman to succeed Clark Wiebe from Liberty Town?ship; Merle Flaming to succeed Brad Dies, and David Terrell to fill the vacancy created by Ron Matz?s resignation as a representative of Lehigh Township.

? heard from Paine that the city received a 20-year plaque for its participation with Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust, plus a ?Gold Star Award? and 5 percent premium discount from KMIT for the city?s safety-training program for employees. The presentations were made during the League of Kansas Munici?palities meetings in Topeka, Oct. 10-12.

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