Hillsboro Council deals with bevy of things at meeting

The Hillsboro City Council met on Tuesday to finalize some plans to improve conditions in the lagoons and meet future ammonia limits set by the state.

“At the last meeting, we discussed the wastewater improvements suggested by EBH to improve conditions in the lagoons and meet future ammonia limits. Two of the core elements of that proposal where the installation of baffles and aerators in the lagoons. Current lead times, impending changes in shipping cost and material costs to make the baffles are mostly likely to make the price for both the baffles and aerators increase in the near term. Our engineers at EBH has suggested that we go ahead and approve ordering the baffles and aerators now to avoid a cost increase,” said City Administrator Matt Stiles.

The baffles are from Enviroco, Inc. for a cost of $31,950. The aerators are from Air-O-Lator Corporation at a cost of $92,600. The total would be $124,550 from the sewer fund.

Stiles said they have been working with Barkman Honey on the project.

“We are in the process of working out an agreement between the City and Barkman for the company to pay a portion of the costs of a set period of time. That agreement will be forthcoming,” said Stiles.

He explained that funds for the project will be taken from the current sewer fund cash balance of $1,055,503.89 as of the end of April.

The council voted to approve the purchase of baffles as described in the quote for the

wastewater lagoons from Enviroco, Inc. at a cost of $31,950. They also voted to approve the purchase of aerators as described in the quote for the wastewater lagoons from Air-O-Lator at a cost of $92,600.

EBH Engineering Service Agreement

The Council learned of the proposed engineering service agreement with EBH.

The agreement outlines the basic services EBH will provide along with an established price

listing for basic services. The agreement requires that task orders or agreements be written

out for chargeable services to avoid and confusion. The term for the agreement is one year,

extended automatically unless the city provides 30 days prior notification.

Stiles explained that there is no retainer fee in the agreement. The city will only be charged for

services used with a not-to-exceed cap of $20,000 for expenses for the year. However

project based agreement are separate from the cap amount and subject to approval from the


The council approved the Engineering Service Agreement.

In other business, the council:

n gave feedback on the evaluation design for Stiles.

n heard that the community plaza project is moving forward. EBH has been engaged to help with the grading plan and infrastructure changes that will be needed. The splash pad company is working to develop a cost proposal and has a contractor that could likely meet timeline needs. The committee met with an architect to discuss the nuts and bolts of how to use shipping containers for facilities. It’s unclear how that is going to work exactly at this point, but they are working through it.

n learned that the April KPP bill came and the February 2021 Storm Surcharge was $16,415.81 for April. The total charge was $135,374.77 for 1,641,581 kWh. For comparison, in April 2020 the city bill was $98,545.54 for 1,443,645 kWh.

n heard that the street department requested to purchase a Self-Propelled Padfoot Compactor to

help with compaction of soils. The equipment is necessary for the upcoming

community plaza project, potentially on the EMS building and more road and building projects

in the future. The Street department found a used compactor on Big Iron auction site in Chapman, KS. Dale and Matt Hein personally inspected the equipment in Chapman and recommended pursuing the equipment. Purchase of a newer used compactor similar to the one bid on can run into $75,000-$115,000. Stiles authorized the Street to bid up to $13,000 for the roller based on available budget funds. Bid on auction site went up to $12,500. The cost of the compactor will be divided between the street department, water department and sewer department. The capital lines in those departments have $75,000 in available authority and sufficient cash balances.The purchase was approved.

n heard about presentations for improvement project from HHS Darell Knoll’s Senior Government class. More information can be found in an article in the special graduation section found in this week’s paper.

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