Hillsboro asking for help to improve recycling program

Hillsboro residents are encouraged to not overfill recycling containers. Take extra to the recycling center.The City of Hillsboro needs your help in correcting ongoing issues with the new recycling program.

Please don’t stuff the cart too full. If the content is taller than the cart, it will most likely fall onto the ground as the truck lifts the cart. There is also the possibility that the wind may blow it over easier resulting in the contents being spilled onto the ground.

If the cardboard is packed too tightly into the cart, it will not come out when the truck tries to dump it. If you have any excess recyclables, please take them to the recycle center. All dumpsters at the recycling center are for mixed recyclables.

These cleaning items were found in the recycling dumpsters at the recycling center. Please be responsible and do not dump items like these into the recycling dumpster. Certain pieces of these items may be recyclable, but not as a whole while fastened together.

Please remember to NOT throw plastic bags into the recycling containers as they cannot be recycled at the facility where we take our items.

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