Good times with old times at Maxwell?s annual Prairie Rendevous gathering

Ron Schroeder, Goessel, turns the crank on the blower that feeds the fire of his iron forge, with which he heats the iron until it is red hot and formable on the anvil with a hammer. Schroeder was one of several craftsmen and artisans who plied their pioneer trades for the interest of onlookers who made the trek to Maxwell Wildlife Refuge north of Canton to take in the annual Prairie Rendevous. Schroeder calls himself a beginner in the field of blacksmithing, which he picked up about four to five years ago. ?I should quit calling myself that,? he said. ?I could fool a lot of people if I didn?t tell them, and those I can?t probably don?t care.?
With a scarecrow serving as host, Prairie Rendevous visitors gather around the condiments table to enhance the day?s menu of buffalo burgers, potato salad and baked beans.
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