Goessel school plan approved with 96% ?yes?

About 96 percent of voters in the Goessel School District were in favor of a $3.3 million bond issue for school improvements, according to preliminary results from the April 2 city and school local election.

The final vote was 337 in favor with 29 opposed.

Maynard Knepp, a school board member for 16 years, thanked the community for voting in favor of the issue.

?The big thing is we had a community of people out there with the facts who did a good job of knowing what the needs were,? he said.

Knepp added that he had not seen such a large percentage of people coming out to vote.

According to one election official, about 40 percent of eligible voters turned out.

?I think people recognized the need for these improvements,? Knepp said. ?People in our community stepped up.?

Superintendent John Fast said he, too, believed the reason it passed was because people understood how important the issue was.

?We were looking at the integration of three main areas,? he said, ?to include agricultural science, science education and Family Consumer Sciences.?

The other areas included replacing windows in the older building, tuckpoint sealing and building a storm shelter for Goessel Grade School.

?Enrollment is holding steady and we have come up about 25 students in the last three to five years,? Fast said.

Overall the voters told the school district it was ready for the improvements, he said.

Contested races

In contested races, the following results included:

? Mayor of Peabody incumbent Larry K. Larsen with 119 votes, defeated Frank Doerrler with 24 votes. Another 12 votes were write-ins.

? Two positions on Burns City Council with the two incumbents Roland Boesker receiving 30 votes and Mary Glenn, 26, both winning another term. Daniel S. Huls II had 17 votes.

? One position on Florence City Council saw incumbent Edwin H. Robinson with 22 votes defeat challenger Pamelia (Pam) Wells with 11 votes.

? Two positions on the Goessel City Council saw incumbents Larry D. Schmidt with 88 votes and Larry C. Lindeman with 84 votes defeating challenger Dean Snelling who had 76 votes.

? Five positions on Ramona City Council saw incumbents A.J. Svoboda with 12 votes; Billy E. Alcorn with 19 and Arthur Stroda with 22. Rachel Mealor, one of two challengers, received 11 votes to secure a seat. The fifth seat was a tie between incumbent James Thompson and challenger Jayme Brunner, both with 8 votes.

County vote totals

Following is the voting results for city offices and school board positions.


Mayor: Pat Nystrom 19, write-ins 29.

City council (two positions open): Roland Boesker 30, Mary Glenn 26, Daniel S. Huls II 17; write-in votes 12.


Mayor: no candidates; write-in votes 1.

City council (five positions open): R. Gene Duke 19; Edward Flaming 19; Gary Gerringer 21; Verlin Sommerfeld19; Gary D. Unruh 8; write-in votes 8.


Mayor: Mary L. Shipman 44; write-in votes 17.

City council Ward 1: No candidates filed; write-in votes 1.

City council Ward 2 (one position open): Ed Robinson 22, Pam Wells 11.


Mayor: Dave Schrag 127; write-in votes 6.

City council (two positions open): Larry C. Lindeman 84; Larry D. Schmidt 88; Dean Snelling 76.


Mayor: Delores Dalke 113; write-in votes 6.

City council: Ward 1, Robert L. Watson 41; write-in vote 1. Ward 2, Marlene Fast 63; write-in votes 3.


Mayor: write-in votes 3.

Council (five positions open): 3 write-in votes for four positions, two write-in votes for fifth position.


Mayor: 19 write-in votes

City council (two positions open):?15 write-in votes for one position, 2 for the other position.


Mayor: 17 write-in votes.

City council (five positions position): 18 write-in votes for four positions, 17 for the fifth position


Mayor: Frank Doerrler 24, Larry K. Larsen 119; write-in votes 12.

City council (two positions open): Tom Schmidt 115, Janice Woodruff 112; write-in votes 28.


Mayor: Byron Noeth 21; write-in votes 3.

City council (five positions open): James Thompson 8, Rachel Mealor 11, A.J. Svoboda 12, Billy E. Alcorn 19, Jayme Brunner 8, Arthur Stroda 22; write-in votes 37 total.


City council (three positions open): Wilbert E. Backhus 17, Paul H. Backhus 18, write-in votes 16 total.

USD 397 (Centre)

Position 5 (Marion County): Clay Simons 27.

Position 6 (Marion County): Jeff Bina 3.

USD 397 (Peabody Burns)

All at-large (three positions open): Barry Petter 113; Jarrod Gaines 95, Travis T. Foth 127, Shayla Clark 157, Julia Ensminger 127; write-in votes, 4.

USD 408 (Marion-Florence)

Position 4: Jana Nord?quist 127; write-in votes 3. Position 5: Jan Helmer 135; write-in votes 1. Position 6: Doug Regnier 140; write-in votes 2.

USD 410 (Durham-Lehigh-Hillsboro)

Position 4: Mark Rooker 28. Position 5: Joe Sechrist 53; write-in votes 1. Position 6: write-in votes 8.

USD 411 (Goessel)

Position 4: Lynette Duerksen 355; write-in votes 2. Position 5: Kelly B. Booton 249; write-in votes 4. Position 6: James Bryan Wiens 342; write-in votes 5. Position 7: Kyle Funk 250; write-in votes 2.

Ballot question: Shall USD 411 issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $3.3 million to pay for school improvements? Yes: 337. No: 29



































































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