Goessel School Board plans for inservice

The Goessel school board met Monday morning, Jan. 14, and heard of plans for school improvement day, scheduled for Jan. 21. Superintendent/elementary principal Dr. John Fast said that elementary school teachers would review reading curriculum and hope to make a recommendation for new reading materials for next school year.

Teachers were planning to also work on details for Family Reading Night, which is coming up on Mar. 5. Fast said that plans are also underway for the second Early Learning Engagement Night, which will be in April.

Junior high/high school principal Scott Boden said that in-service day at the junior high/high school building would include planning for state assessment tests, Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway updates, planning for student improvement, and continuing work on Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) goals.

Boden has explained that CTE pathways encourage students to enroll in high school classes that would support their career interest. Pathways should help high school students plan for college, for technical training, or for a career right out of high school.

The school board has reviewed the state KESA goals in the past: relationships, relevance, responsive culture, and rigor. Relationships refer to interactions with staff, students, families, and community. Relevance includes curriculum, instruction, student involvement, and technology. KESA goals also include leadership, early childhood, nutrition, wellness, and CTE planning.

Boden also mentioned eighth grade NAEP testing that will be conducted on Feb. 1. NAEP refers to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which assesses students’ academic progress.

Turning their attention to another matter, the board discussed plans for the board retreat, which is scheduled for Feb. 4. The board plans to review and set goals and include input from staff and community.

In other business, the board:

* accepted a $250 donation from a Goessel patron. Board members and administration expressed appreciation for the donation.

* heard from Boden that the high school Scholar’s Bowl team won the Wheat State League competition.

* heard that the junior high spelling bee is scheduled for Jan. 23.

* heard about the elementary school Christmas program, which was presented on Dec. 17. Fast reported that 130 people attended in the morning and more than 375 in the evening. Fast commended the music teachers and students for their work.

* heard that the elementary school spring concert will be Feb. 14 at 10:00am and 7:00pm.

* discussed the Christmas banquet that was held for staff. Fast thanked the board for their help in preparing for the banquet and for cleaning up afterwards.

* heard of work that will be done in the high school in summer. Boden said the tiles are coming up in the restrooms near the gym. The plan is to replace the floor in summer.

* briefly talked about the 2019-2020 school calendar.

* approved the auditing services of Knudsen and Monroe.

* approved the monthly bills of $205,966.61.

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