Goessel Council hears of work on electrical poles

The Goessel city council met on September 16 and heard from public works director Karen Dalke that an electric company employee has been in town and the surrounding area checking electrical poles and identifying those that need to be replaced. He is also replacing pole ID stickers that have worn off.

On another matter, the council listened to Beth Warren of Ranson Citycode Financial, who came to the meeting to report the results of the bids for bond renewal. She told the council that Central States won the bid with the lowest interest rate. The council accepted the bid and adopted the resolution that grants Central States the award of the bond sale.

In other business, the council:

* heard that Linda Hunsicker, who works for the state of Kansas and oversees the city’s Community Development Block Grant money, will come to town for monitoring visits throughout the sewer project. She is planning to come before the end of September for her first visit, which will be the most detailed.

* heard from city clerk Jennifer Whitehead that the sewer project contractor said that work will begin on the project at the end of this month or the beginning of October.

* heard the police report from Anthony Voth. He reported one speed citation and one parking ticket, as well as a ticket for a vehicle registration violation. He also dealt with nuisance vehicles. He dealt with code violations because of dogs that were not tagged by September 1, also numerous other dog issues, including vicious dogs. He also dealt with a disturbance.

* heard from Dalke that she had fixed a leak at 209 East Main Street.

* heard that Dalke had installed a water service line for the auto restoration building at 220 East Main Street.

* decided to hire FE Moran Security to install security cameras at various places in town. Dustin Holt from FE Moral Security had come to an earlier meeting, and the council made plans to have him come to another meeting to discuss the project.

* heard that hard rock had been ordered from eastern Kansas, to be delivered by Matt Thompson Trucking.

* noted that the elementary school had installed small play equipment on the school playground for the children in the preschool program to use during their playtime. It is in a separate area from the larger play equipment for the older school children.

* listened to Jonah Goering, who came to introduce himself and talk to the council about county issues. He is running for one of the county commission seats, uncontested. The council talked with him briefly about wind turbines.

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