Goessel City to Erect Additional Stop Sign

The Goessel city council met on September 17 and discussed the intersection of Church Street and the baseball diamonds. Because of safety issues, west-bound traffic will now have to stop. The council authorized a stop sign at that intersection.

Turning their attention to another sign, the city discussed replacing the Goessel sign that is near the highway. The council expressed appreciation for the current sign, which was from the Goessel Lions Club, and has lasted many years. After all of those years, the sign is showing wear, and parts of it have fallen down from time to time and had to be put back up.

The council discussed various options for a new sign. They looked at pictures of what a new sign might look like and expressed their opinions on design and cost. They did not make a decision on a specific sign at this meeting but voted to spend no more than $8,000 on the sign. A slab will be poured to give a solid base for the sign.

In other business, the council:

◼ noted that the Community Foundation was planning to hold their annual benefit golf tournament on September 22. City clerk Jennifer Whitehead explained that the golf tournament provides an opportunity to raise money for the impact fund by either participating in the tournament or helping to sponsor it. The impact fund allows the Community Foundation to give grants and scholarships to groups or individuals in the community. The council expressed appreciation for the Community Foundation’s work and voted to participate with a donation of $200.

◼ heard that Whitehead and public works director Karen Dalke planned to attend a county commission meeting to discuss the connecting link agreement between the county and the city. Whitehead explained that years ago, the county made an agreement with each of the cities in the county to either assist with maintenance or to pay a quarterly amount to each city for maintenance of roads that are considered “connecting links” between the county and the cities.

◼ expressed appreciation for the work of Tony Girard, who has been helping out as needed for the past two months.

◼ heard that the grader is currently in the repair shop. Numerous parts needed to be replaced or repaired.

◼ heard that city personnel had been doing lots of mowing and trimming.

◼ noted repairs that need to be done at the shelter building in the city park.

◼ discussed the city’s sewer main that was broken when the company installing sewer service to a new house accidentally hit the sewer main. A section of the line had to be fixed to keep ground water from leaking in and causing problems.

◼ discussed a sewage sludge agreement. It was explained that sludge is the sediment at the bottom of the lagoon ponds and refers to all liquid, semi-liquid, solid, and semi-solid material removed from the city’s sewage treatment facilities. It can be injected into farm ground and used as fertilizer for crops. The council reviewed a document that describes responsibilities of the city and a land owner. The council approved the agreement.

◼ talked with a representative of Yossen LLC, owner of the mobile home park in Goessel. One lot in particular needs to be cleaned up, and various options were discussed.

◼ talked about code enforcement and noted that letters had been sent to some property owners about cleaning up their property.