Goessel City Council hears of flood plain mapping

The Goessel city council met on February 19 and heard from city clerk Jennifer Whitehead that the Kansas Department of Agriculture is doing a flood plain study of the Upper Cottonwood River Basin. She said most of that land is within Marion County. Therefore, the entire county will be remapped since the current maps are outdated, and out-dated technology was used in creating those maps.

Whitehead explained that newer technology uses LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology with a laser pointing to the ground from an airplane. It is more accurate than older technology. Currently, Goessel’s flood plain is in the area of the creek. The city has not yet been informed if the city’s flood plain will remain the same or if the flood plain boundaries will be expanded.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council listened to the police report from Anthony Voth. Two verbal warnings had been issued for failure to yield, as well as three citations (speeding, suspended license, and no ignition interlock device). The police department also dealt with a neighbor dispute, animal complaints, dog at large, nuisance vehicle, theft, burglary involving a vehicle and tools, burning in city limits, agency assists, and served two warrants.

In other business, the council:

* noted that some residents had reported the ground shaking and house windows rattling, due to someone using tannerite outside city limits.

* briefly mentioned drug concerns and an aggravated kidnapping (that happened a while ago).

* voted to hire K. C. Construction for the sewer project, for a total of $1,785,552.03. Mayor Dave Schrag and the city council received a letter from Brian Foster, vice president of BG Consultants, with five bids plus one “Engineer’s of Probable Cost” estimate. The deadline for bids was 2:00 on February 5. The K. C. Construction bid was the lowest. Other bids for the project were higher. Foster wrote that BG Consultants, Inc. has worked with K. C. Construction on several sewer projects in the past and is confident that they are qualified for the work at Goessel. The council reviewed the detailed description of the plan, which includes two and a half pages of specific documentation for the project. Sewer mains, pipes, and taps are listed, as well as man holes, lift station improvements, additional repair work, and desludging.

* heard that public works director Karen Dalke had fixed a leak on a water main.

* discussed the recommendation to clean the water tower every five years. It was noted that it has now been five years since it was last cleaned. The city received a bid of $3,395 from LiquiVision Technology, which has been in business for more than 20 years. The work would include removal of accumulated sediment from the floor of the tank, disposing the effluent, final inspection of the entire structure recorded on DVD, and written documentation with pictures. The bid includes a description of the procedure, using a “vacuum cleaner” that pumps an average of 200 gallons per minute. A rotating brush scrubs the floor and walls and removes sediment. Four inches of sediment is considered normal. The bid sheet also details how repair work is done. After receiving additional bids, the council will make a decision at a future meeting.

* discussed a new Goessel sign. The council viewed pictures of proposed designs submitted by 2DOGS Concrete Designs, LLC of Potwin, Kansas. A final decision will be made sometime later. They also discussed installing lights for the sign.

* passed the Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures waiver resolution. Whitehead explained that this waiver has to be passed every year. It deals with financial requirements that are not relevant to Goessel.

* heard that the auditor would be coming on March 22.

* heard of the Kansas Rural Water Association meetings on March 26.

* heard that packets for re-election are due by June 6.

* approved the month’s expenditures of $55,187.57.

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