Girl Scouts employ new cookie strategy

Girl Scout Troops in Marion County are taking part in ?Cookies Now!,? a new plan for selling cookies.

Cookies Now! means no more taking orders, having customers wait for weeks before the Girl Scouts return for delivery and collecting money,? a spokesperson said.

Pam Loewen, one of three leaders with the Brownie and Junior Troop in Hillsboro, supervised Girl Scouts on Saturday at Ampride on D Street. The other leaders are Brenda Bernhardt and Joy Dalke.

?We will also be here next Saturday,? she said. ?So if someone missed (buying cookies), they can come back then.?

Karley Loewen and Kaylee Lopez, two Girl Scouts selling cookies during one of the shifts at Ampride, said they like this new way.

?Instead of going out in the cold (to take orders) and then get the cookies (from the truck to deliver) in the cold,? Karley said, ?this is a lot better.?

Kaylee, a fourth grader at Hillsboro Elementary School, said she agreed, adding that she has been selling cookies for about five years.

Karley, a second grader at HES, said she has sold cookies for about three years.

Regarding sales Saturday, Loewen said she thought the girls sold about 50 boxes.

?That?s a decent amount,? she said.

Why change the format?

According to officials with the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland in Wichita, the new format is supposed to foster immediate success for the scouts and give customers instant gratification.

For Loewen and the other Girl Scouts in her troop, the direct sale condenses all that work into one simple stop.

Even with the booth locations, Girl Scouts can still go door-to-door. For Karley, that is a good idea. ?It?s going to be 60 (degrees) on Sunday,? she said, ?so that?s a good day to sell cookies in town.?

Loewen said cookies will continue being sold through early March.

?Incentive prizes for the girls will be given out if they sell at certain levels,? Loewen said. ?The troop gets money as well.?

This year, she said, their troop of eight Girl Scouts will be doing an overnight at Rolling Hills Zoo, along with some other activities.

?I think the change was implemented in different areas of the nation,? Loewen said, ?and now it?s being implemented in Kansas.?

She also said she thought it?s been started in other places and continues to transition into new areas of the country.

According to Kansas Heart?land officials, this new method is more than just handing over $3.50 for a box of cookies.

It?s about the skills and learning a girl gains from interacting with the customer.

One official noted it?s about the experience a girl gets from running her own cookie business and working with others.

Popular cookies

Anyone who missed buying Girl Scout cookies last weekend can still pick some up Saturday.

Cookies include Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Short?breads, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Lemonades, Savannah Smiles, Thanks-A-Lot, Dulce de Leche, Mango Cremes and Thank U Berry Munch.

For more information on where booths are located in Marion County, call toll free 888-472-3683 or 316-684-6531 or go to:



























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