Frostbite running

13 brave runners showed up to participate in the 13th annual Frostbite 4 Mile Fun Run in Hillsboro on New Year’s day. Bob Woelk came in first for the men while Kody Panzer came in first for the Women. Dawson Duerkson of Goessel came in first for the under 18 category. Pictured above is eighth grader Wenxi Funk who participated in the run in his specially designed racer.

“It was hard and tiring,” said Wenxi.

“He didn’t anticipate equipment failure when his rubber gloves onto his rubber wheels that are frozen, there’s no grip. So he had to push with his snow gloves,” said mom Leann Funk. “It was also like 19 degrees which is cold. He was up for it and love those runs. It was a great challenge and he learned a lot.” Leann Funk/For The Free Press