Foundation sets $2 million goal

This mailer features the automotive theme of the ?10 and 2: Driving Into the Future? fundraising campaign launched by the Hillsboro Community Foundation.The board of directors of Hillsboro Com?munity Foundation is launching a fall fundraising campaign with the goal of celebrating its 10th year of operation by increasing total endowment funds to $2 million.

With just over $1.61 million in endowed funds currently, the ?10 and 2: Driving Into the Future? campaign would need about $390,000 in donations to achieve the goal.

Steve Noble, president of the board, called the goal ?very do-able.?

?We haven?t set a deadline when we want to achieve this,? Noble said. ?We simply want to achieve this goal, so we started the campaign in our 10th year.?

The timing of the campaign launch coincides with end-of-the-year tax planning.

?As we?ve now crossed into the fall season, it?s the time of year when people are starting to get their finances in line, get tax issues taken care of and are looking at charitable giving,? Noble said.

?We wanted to at least announce to people that there is a local option that directly helps our community and ask: Will you consider us in your charitable giving??

Noble said the primary motivation for contributing to the campaign is not reaching the $2 million goal, but realizing how much additional good could be funded within the community.

Each year, 5 percent of the endowment total is given back to the community through grants that support worthy projects initiated by area individuals, groups and organizations.

Launched in 2005, the foundation has distributed just over $150,000 in grants and scholarships since 2010, according to HCF. An endowment of $2 million would generate $100,000 to support community causes in a single year.

One of the 18 designated funds that exist under the HCF umbrella, the Hillsboro Impact Fund, has distributed $79,300 to area causes and organizations since 2008, the first year Impact Fund grants were awarded.

?The programs we?re supporting are more important than the dollar amount, but it?s the dollar amount that funds them,? Noble said.

The HCF board has developed a plan for promoting the campaign.

?Each board member has a responsibility of touching base with a designated community group,? Noble said, citing church, civic, chamber, school and farm groups as an example.

?We?ve asked permission for 5 minutes to plant the seed in people?s mind during the fall charitable-giving season as we wrap up the fiscal year.?

Noble said a campaign sign will be on display at the corner of Main Street and Grand Avenue to keep the community aware of the progress.

The ?Driving Into the Future? campaign logo includes the image of a steering wheel, and the ?10 and 2??in addition to 10th year and $2 million?refers to the clock-based positions on a steering wheel where drivers traditionally have placed their hands.

?I think the community will enjoy the sign,? Noble said. ?In the past, you?ve seen a thermometer about the Impact Fund. This sign is going to be a little different.?

Noble said the board is optimistic about reaching the $2 million goal because the community has established a strong track record for supporting worthy local causes since the HCF began in 2005.

?In Hillsboro, we keep getting referenced by our parent affiliate, Central Kansas Community Founda?tion out of Newton, that we?re overwhelmingly their strongest affiliate,? Noble said. ?We?re kind of the ?little community that can.?

?That just goes to show that there are people in this community who care about giving back to their community.?

Joining Noble on the board of directors are Bryce Wichert, Cynthia Fleming, Randy Wiens, Kelly Linnens, Lyman Adams, Deb Ewert, Todd Jost, Coleen Koop, Robert W. Loewen, Bonnie Funk and Randy Whisen?hunt.

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