Five people file for two open city council seats in Marion

The opportunity for candidates to file in Marion County for the April 3 general municipal election ended at noon Tuesday, Jan. 24.

According to Rhonda Toal with the county clerk?s office, the city of Marion has five people vying for the two open council seats.

The only incumbent filing for another term on the Marion City Council is Steven L. Smith. Bill Holdeman did not refile.

Others tossing their hat into the mix are Lee Vogel, Todd Heitschmidt, Jerry A. Dieter and Richard W. Varenhorst.

The only other two cities with council positions open are in Burns and Hillsboro.

In Burns, Toal said, the incumbents, Daniel Huls II, Steve Chevront and James Scott did not refile for another term and no other filings were received.

In Hillsboro?s Ward I, Shelby Dirks filed for another term and in Ward II, Byron McCarty also refiled, but no other names were received challenging the incumbents.


Other cities

None of the other cities in Marion County have municipal elections until at least two years from now, she said.

?Burns recently changed from four-year to two-year terms,? she said, ?and depending on when the other cities were founded, determines election years.?

Durham, she said, has its elections every two years, but candidates file on odd years.

In Goessel, which has four-year terms, the next city election won?t be until 2013, when the mayor and two of the five council seats will come up.

Florence will have its next city election in 2013 with the mayor having a two-year term and one of two council seats in wards 1 and 2 seeking another four-year term.

The mayor and all five council seats in Lehigh are on a four-year term and will be up for re-election in the spring of 2013.

Citizens of Lincolnville will consider candidates in 2013 for mayor, along with two of the five council seats seeking another four-year term.

Lost Springs has four-year terms for its mayor and five council seats with filings and spring election also in the spring of 2013.

The mayor of Peabody has a two-year term, which will come up for re-election in 2013, but two of the five council seats, which are four-year terms will also be decided that year.

Ramona?s mayor and five council positions are all two-year terms with its next election in spring 2013.

Tampa?s mayor and all five of its council seats are four-year terms, but only three seats will be decided on in spring 2013. The mayor and other two council seats will not be up for re-election until spring 2015.

No school filings

All area school board positions are four-year terms, but in the spring of 2011, elections were held in April for four of the seven positions in USD 410-Hillsboro, USD-408 Marion, USD 397-Centre, USD 398-Peabody and USD 411-Goessel.

The next candidate filings for school boards in the area will be the spring of 2015 for the other three seats.

Fall elections 2012

The fall 2012 election schedule, which will include the presidential and gubernatorial races, will also involve nearly all elected county positions.

According to Toal, the county commissioners in districts 2 and 3 will be up for re-election, as well as the county attorney, county clerk, county treasurer, register of deeds and sheriff, which are all four-year terms.

In addition to those positions, the township trustee and treasurer will also be in the mix.

Thirty-one precinct committeemen and women who hold two-year terms will also be considering re-election, but only in the primary election.

Improvement districts carry two-year terms, but unlike precinct people, voting for those positions is only in the general election. The improvement districts are Eastshore, Marion County Lake and Marion County Pilsen with three people elected in each.

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