First oil rig rises near lake; driller says more to come


Ottensmeier said oil company representatives coming into her office in unprecedented numbers are checking leaseholds back to the county’s founding in the 1800s—but they don’t reveal which companies they are researching for.

Kremeier confirmed there are actually several counties considered in a group here for the focus of new horizontal drilling. Besides Marion, Morris and McPherson, he named Chase and Sedgwick counties.

Kremeier named monetary figures already estimated in the mix of what is happening here, but asked that it only be said that they are in the many millions of dollars.

He said he would also expect a jump in local population with the arrival of oil workers and their families.

Kremeier will be drilling wells for himself, he said, but he also is committed to drill for others with one of the first likely horizontal wells to be done going in on Scully lease land.

Kremeier said there is widespread interest in the fracking potential in the area, both from American companies and foreigners. He expects a Chinese delegation from Hong Kong to visit this summer.

Even though Marion County experienced a historical oil boom that gave birth to such nearly forgotten communities as Watch­horn Corner, Kremeier said “most of the oil is still there”— perhaps 80 percent by some estimates.

He confirmed that the old methods couldn’t do what modern methods can do to bring in the oil.

A map overlay of Marion County with inactive historical wells as red points and active wells as green points, reveals the red points overwhelm the green.

That may change if the interests of Kremeier and other oil workers are confirmed.

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