Fake bills spent within Marion County businesses

City police in Hillsboro and Marion are alerting businesses, and the public, to be extra careful when accepting fake $50 or $20 bills.

Marion Police Chief Clinton Jeffrey said officers spoke with someone who unknowingly accepted a counterfeit $50-bill in the 1200 block of East Main Street.

“A suspect has been identified,” he said, “and the case is under investigation.

Hillsboro Police Chief Dan Kinning said last week Wendy’s restaurant at 812 East D St., reported two incidents of counterfeit money.

Kinning said there are ways to spot fake bills. One of the more common ones used by convenience stores and many grocery stores is a counterfeit detection pen, which turns money yellow if it’s real and dark blue or black if fake.

“Clerks can also feel and see the difference if they compare a real bill to one they suspect is fake,” Kinning said.

“Most of the newer copier machines will not print the exact size of U.S. bills, and for those with access to a UV counterfeit detector can see the watermarks on a real bill.”

When retailers accept fake money, Kinning added, they more than likely will be covering the loss.

The good news, he said, is that even though the techniques that counterfeiters use are becoming more complex, there are a lot of ways to spot them.

“We don’t see that many counterfeit bills here,” Kinning said. “It’s a rarity, but does happen occasionally.”

Jeffrey said he wants to make sure businesses in the area are informed.

“This is the second case in the last six months of a fake $50 bill being passed in the area,” he said.

Other agencies, Jeffrey said, have had $20 bills being circulated.

“If it looks fake, it probably is,” he said.

For more information, call the Marion Police Department at (620) 382-2651 or stop by their office, 112 Fifth St.

The Hillsboro Police Department can be reached by calling 620-947-3440. Their office is at 414 N. Ash St.

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