Fair-ly perfect -Ideal weather makes contributes to strong Arts & Crafts?Fair

Fair weather promoted hot sales for a number of vendors at this year's Arts & Crafts Fair in Hillsboro, including this maker of homemade toys for kids.Near-perfect weather Saturday brought out more people, good sales and even better attitudes, according to organizers of the 44th annual Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair.

?I think it went great,? said Penni Schroder, fair director. ?We had a good day.?

With clear skies and a high temperature of about 80 degrees, Police Chief Dan Kinning and his staff estimated Saturday?s crowd at ?pushing 50,000.?

?We always estimate (50,000) was probably the top mark of all time,? Kinning said.

?I?ve never seen the parking taken up like that before,? he added. ?They usually park on the front lawn here at the (police department), but this year they were parked from Third Street to Midway Motors. I couldn?t get into my parking lot. Everything was full.?

Strong sales

 Mary Regier (left) of the Hillsboro Museums Advisory Board returns change following the purchase of some <p>liquid refreshment on Saturday morning. Schroeder said craft vendors were pleased with the level of sales.

?We talked to a lot of the vendors as they were packing up, and for the most part a lot them said this was a great day,? she said. ?They had great sales. Some said it was ?good,? but no one said they had an awful day or it didn?t go well.?

Local food vendors were pleased as well.

?All of the food vendors were thrilled with all the business?especially the cold drinks,? Schroeder said. ?The food vendors like it when it?s a little warm because they do well selling drinks.?

Few issues

Schroeder and Kinning both said even though the crowd was bigger, the day created few behavior problems.

?For the most part, everyone was cooperative?it went well,? Schroeder said. ?You always have those few issues setting up.?

Kinning said local police were kept busy, but most calls were about parking issues?and people who didn?t remember where they parked their vehicles.

?We didn?t have anybody with flaring tempers like we?ve had in the past,? he said.

Officers did assist with two medical calls during the day?one heat related, and the other a possible heart attack.

Heart-warming incidents

Schroeder said she and her team not only got along well with vendors and visitors, they encountered some heart-warming incidents of honesty and gratitude.

One person found a folded-up hundred-dollar bill on the ground and turned it in to the information booth.

?Thirty minutes later, someone came to the booth and said, ?By any chance did someone turn in a hundred-dollar bill that was all folded up?? We said, ?Yeah, as a matter of fact they did.?

?The person was almost in tears? they couldn?t believe people were that honest.?

On another occasion, a woman had temporarily left a package at the Chamber office for her son, who was dealing with an illness. The woman forgot to pick it up.

?She was just so upset that she had left a package,? Schroeder said. ?It was after the fair and (police officer) Brad Richards came and got me and said, ?Can you open up the Chamber and see if there are some packages in there??

?She came and was so excited to see her package that she gave me a hug, she gave Brad a hug, and said, ?Oh, thank-you so much.?

?Those kind of stories were just fun.?

Schroeder praised the many local volunteers who make the fair work from year to year.

?They were great,? she said. ?The fair officials were doing great, the street markers did the marking perfect?with no rain to wash it away.

?If the weather cooperates, we?re good,? she said.

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