Donations boost playground fund

The city later appointed a committee of six volunteers, plus city recreation director Doug Sisk, to research and choose replacement equipment and spearhead fundraising.

The committee chose a ?mega-tower system? that features an activity platform 14 feet off the ground. It will take $45,000 to pay for the multi-apparatus unit. But the committee set a fundraising goal of $75,000 to provide for additional equipment and maintenance.

Shelley Padgett, chair of the committee, responded with gratitude at the presentation last week.

?This will take us close to halfway toward our goal (for the new apparatus),? she said. ?We hope others will be inspired by your generosity to give toward the project, too.?

Mayor Delores Dalke and Sisk added their appreciation for the donations on behalf of the city and council.

The goal is to install the new mega-tower system sometime this summer, once the funding is in place.

Serving on the volunteer committee with Padgett and Sisk are Shelley Plett, Cameron Kalua, Jesse Hiebert, Becky Suderman and Emily Dalke.