Domestic disturbance calls rise with summer temps

With the oppressive heat and humid temperatures continuing to rise, so are the numbers of domestic disturbance calls.

Hillsboro Police Chief Dan Kinning said heat may not cause domestic disputes, but it does trigger abusers to become more violent.

?We have seen a big increase in the number of domestic disturbance calls (this summer),? Kinning said Friday.

He said his department is averaging about three times the number of calls for the same period last year.

A majority of the calls involve the same people police respond to on a regular basis, he said, but with no air conditioning or fans?and adding alcohol to the mix?tempers get short.

?Most of the calls happen toward the evening around 7 p.m. or later,? Kinning said, ?and it?s usually a neighbor calling in.?

Kinning said a majority of the calls have been verbal arguments. Hillsboro officers have been able stop the disturbance from escalating into something more serious.

Among the best ways to avoid a domestic disturbance from becoming violent, Kinning added, is to limit or avoid alcohol consumption; when an argument begins, go to separate places.

?Maybe one person can go outside or both can go to a separate room until things calm down,? he said.

Kinning said he hopes to raise awareness about domestic disturbances by letting the community know it is an important issue.

Kinning also encourages neighbors to continue reporting suspicions of domestic disturbances.

By making that call, someone might be helping people out of a situation they might not otherwise be able to handle on their own.

For more information about domestic disturbances or other crimes, call the police department at 620-947-3440. To report something suspicious, call 911.

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