Dalke creating works of art from metal

Sixth-grader Emery Dalke has been creating all kinds of metal art. He sells his creations at his mom's greenhouse, Serenity Gardens, which is located between Marion and Hillsboro. Laura Fowler Paulus / Free PressLocal Hillsboro sixth-grader Emery Dalke has grown up helping out his mom with her greenhouse business, but lately, he has begun turning his own profit for that help.

The family owns and operates Serenity Gardens which is located at 1320 190th Street, or locally known as old Highway 56, in between Hillsboro and Marion. While Emery has helped with planting,watering, carrying items out for customers and other such tasks in the past, he has recently added a new role.

Emery is making and selling one of a kind creations out of metal. He recently learned how to make them.

“My mom’s carts kept breaking. My dad wanted to teach us to weld since he had to fix it so he did both. And then my Grandpa taught me how to use the plasma cutter to cut out shapes in metal,” said Emery.

After helping his dad fix carts and other items for his mom, Emery moved on to the artistic side of things.

“I showed Emery how to weld one time and he fell in love with working with metal and dreaming up artsy stuff to weld. He does this stuff on his own,” said dad Dale. “I have noticed my junk pile has diminished in size though.”

Before he thought about selling his items, he made them as gifts for family members. Emery and dad Dale work together on welding. Provided Photo

“The whole thing started just before Christmas when he wanted to make his grandparents some Christmas gifts. At that point, he was so new to welding that I wanted Dale to help and supervise so that he didn’t injure himself. Since school isn’t taking up all his time, he has now gotten familiar enough with the welder that the rule is now that he needs to have an adult home and he has to tell that adult if he is planning to weld,” said his mom Jana Dalke.”He recently stayed at my parents’ for a couple of nights, and my dad showed him his plasma cutter. Dad said that he thought Emery would cut out a few things and then lose interest, but he used up an entire sheet of sheet metal cutting out all different sorts of things.”

Emery said he likes to make money, but he also just enjoys working on it all.

“My dad needs to get more metal soon,” said Emery.

He has just started selling his creations out of the greenhouse. His items range from $1-7 dollars and vary in design. You can find them by the cash register.

“This has been an excellent way for him to exercise the creative side of his brain and he seems to be energized by the freedom to create,” said Jana.

For more information about Serenity Gardens and Emery’s creations, you can find them on Facebook.

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