County ready for first local election held in November

Marion County voters will experience their first November local election next Tuesday.

The Kansas Legislature changed the timing of local elections from April to November, with the goal of increasing voter turnout.

On the ballot will be candidates for city offices, school board seats, area improvement boards, based on geographic residences.

The one question on every Marion County ballot is a yes-no vote on whether the county should create the position of county administrator.

County Clerk Tina Spencer emphasized the significance of voter turnout particularly on that question.

“It would be sad if the countywide question of whether or not to create the office of administrator was decided by only 15 percent of our voters —the typical turnout for city and school elections,” she said.

Spencer said one of the interesting things about this election—in order to accommodate precinct level reporting and with the addition of drainage districts and improvement districts to the city and school positions—there are 78 different ballot styles.

Early in-person voting is taking place at the courthouse from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Nov. 3; from 8 a.m. until noon Monday, Nov. 6, , and 1-3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 5.

Voters are required to bring a Photo ID in order to cast a ballot. An advance ballot can be requested to vote by mail.

If you’re a registered voter, any of the following Photo IDs will qualify you to vote at your polling location: driver’s license, nondriver ID card, concealed carry handgun license, U.S. passport, government employee ID, U.S. Military ID, Kansas college ID, government public assistance ID or Indian tribe ID.

Following are candidates, positions and questions that will appear on the ballots intended for the carious voting districts or offices.



Mayor: No filed candidates.

Burns City Council: No filed candidates


Mayor: Michael Sorenson

City Council (5 positions): Edward Flaming, R. Gene Duke, Gary Gerringer


Mayor: Robert B. Gayle Jr.

Council Ward 1: John Branson, Kenneth W. Hoffman.

Council Ward 2: Natasha Brenzikofer-Craig, Matt Williams


Mayor: Dave Schrag

City council (2 positions): Michael Jost, Duane Adrian, Evan Esau


Mayor: Lou Thurston, Char­lotte A. Kennedy Takahashi

Council Ward 1: Jonah Gehring

Council Ward 2: David A Loewen


Mayor: No filed candidates

Council (5 positions): No filed candidates.


Mayor: No filed candidates

Council (2 positions): No filed candidates


Mayor: Troy Madron Sr.

Council: (5 positions): Joyce E. Buckland-Rohloff, Sharon Williams, Joseph A Zinn, Jessica L. Moenning.


Mayor: Stephen Rose. Larry K. Larsen.

Council (2 positions): Travis L. Wilson.


Mayor: James Thompson

Council: (5 positions): Billy E. Alcorn, Jayme Brunner, Mark Lockhart, Arthur Stroda, Benja­min S. Calvert, Rohani C. Alcorn.


Council (3 positions): Wilbert Backhus.


USD 397, Position 5 (1 position): Sherri Pankratz, Eric Carlson

USD 397, Position: (1 position): Jeffrey Dean Bina, Heather Steiner

USD 398, Positions 4, 5, 6 At-large: Hope Reynolds, Shayla Clark, Tiana Gaines, Julia Ensminger

USD 398, Position 1 (unexpired term): Donna Glover

USD 408, Position 4: Katherine Young

USD 408, Position 5: Jan Helmer

USD 408, Position 6: Doug Regnier

USD 410, Position 4, 5, 6, At-large: Mark Rooker, Joe Sechrist, Kimberly Klein.

USD 410, Position 3 (unexpired term): Jim Paulus.

USD 411, Position 4: Ben Schrag

USD 411, Position 5: Kelly Booton

USD 411, Position 6: Patrick A. Flaming

USD 411, Position 3 (unexpired term): Bryant Stephen Miller.


MARION COUNTY question submitted: “Should the Board of Commissioners of Marion County, Kansas, create the office of County Administrator pursuant to K.S.A 19-3a02(b)?” (Yes or No)



EASTSHORE Improvement District #1 (3 positions): Menno Neufeld, Robert G. Maxwell.

MARION COUNTY LAKE Improvement District #2: Wilma N. Iseli, Travis P. White, Tom Neff.

PILSEN Improvement Dis­trict #3 Board of Directors (3 positions): Terry Silhan.

COTTONWOOD VALLEY Drainage District Board of Directors (3 positions: Alan Hett, Darvin L. Markley, John (Rocky) Hett



USD 397, Position 4 (entirely in Morris County): Yvonne Burhoop, Richard Lee Basore

BUTLER CO. USD 206 (3 positions at large (unexpired term): Bryant Stephen Miller.

BUTLER CO. USD 206 (At large: Jeff Klaassen, Jayne Carey, Thomas K. Sommers,

BUTLER CO. USD 206 (At large): Bradley F. Crisp

CHASE CO. USD 284, Position 3: Mike Boyts

HV CO. USD 373, 3 positions at large: Angela Becker, Jennifer Budde, Andy Harder, Mallory Morton, David Oller, Tobias “Toby” Tyner.

HC CO. USD 460, 3 positions At-large: Layne Frick, Susan J. Rosteter, Zach Weaver.

DK CO. USD 481, Position 1-3: Tracy Schmidt.

DK CO. USD 481, Position 1-5: Chad G. Johnson.

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