Council approves ordinance to allow Sunday liquor sales

By a 3-1 vote, the Hillsboro City Council approved at its March 15 meeting Ordinance 1204, which will allow the sale of liquor and cereal malt beverages in Hillsboro on Sundays.

The request to change the ordinance that forbids Sunday alcohol sales came from the owner of R&D Liquor in Hills?boro Heights, City Admini?strator Larry Paine said.

?This past weekend,? Paine reported, ?the owner of the liquor store was at the store and observed a high number of people driving into the parking lot and getting out intending to enter the store, only to find it closed. (The owner) visited with the mayor and requested the council permit Sunday sales.?

The new ordinance would allow sales on Sundays, except Easter, as well as holidays.

Councilors Shelby Dirks, Kevin Suderman and Byron McCarty voted in favor of the ordinance, noting that banning liquor sales on Sunday does not reduce the purchase of such beverages, it only drives business to other communities.

Bob Watson voted against the ordinance without elaboration.

The ordinance allows for a citizens petition to be filed within 60 days of passage, which would require the fate of the ordinance to be decided by public referendum.

To be valid, the petition would require signatures equaling a least 10 percent of the number of voters that cast ballots in the most recent mayoral election (2009).

Street projects

The council approved a list of four street projects it will pursue for major improvements starting later this year.

The city plans to designate up to $1.6 million for street-improvement projects without raising local property taxes to fund them.

The four projects approved by the council were:

(1) Adams Street, from U.S. High?way 56 to Third Street.

(2) Adams Street from Third to First streets.

(3) First Street, Ash to Adams.

(4) Industrial Road, from the former railroad tracks to U.S. 56.

With approval, the process of engineering and designing the projects can begin, according to Paine, as well as steps to secure bond financing.

The council also approved an initiative with Ransom Finan?cial to survey residents along four streets to find out if there is a sufficient percentage of low- and medium-income households to qualify for financial assistance through Com?munity Development Building Grants.

Those surveys will be conducted along: First Street, from Ash to Adams streets; Birch street, from D Street to Grand Avenue; Cedar Street, from D to Third streets; and Date Street, from D to Grand.

Building facelift

The west side of city hall will get a facelift with the council approving a request from Paine to replace windows and siding.

Paine said he recently had noticed one broken pane, and deteriorated siding and asked for bids from Wiebe Siding & Remodeling and Jantz Construc?tion.

The project includes replacing the existing windows with dual-pane picture windows, lowering the window height to be equal with the interior ceiling, replacing the exterior siding with metal siding and adding insulation under the siding.

The initial bid from Wiebe Siding was $6,989 while the Jantz bid was over $10,000.

The council approved Wiebe?s bid, with contingency for some adjustment of the cost to ensure the new windows will match the ones recently installed on the building?s south side?a request made by Mayor Delores Dalke.

Paine said he also is looking into removing and replacing broken glass block on the south side of the building as well as repairing and painting the stucco on the south side.

Utility write-offs

The council approved a utility write-off list totaling $25,782 in unpaid accounts, following the recommendation of the city?s previous auditor.

The bills, involving 95 accounts ranging from $2.59 to $2,515, were created when residents or businesses left town without paying their final bill, Paine said. The accounts are older than 36 months.

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