Cool day is a good day for most

AandC PaintingPointing788

AandC PaintingPointing788

The Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair enjoyed a respite from the blazing heat of the summer, as cloud cover and cool temperatures dominated the day.

Rain during the night ended about an hour before the official 9 a.m. start of the fair, but the cool and wet may have affected attendance.

?I?m thinking we were down a little bit,? said Police Chief Dan Kinning. ?I?d say it?s between 35,000 and 40,000. It started a little slower because of rain, but it was steady most of the day.?

Kinning said the day was all but free of situations requiring emergency responders.

?We had one of the best years we?ve ever had,? he said. ?We had one small disturbance that didn?t amount to anything, and I don?t think there were any EMS calls. We had no parking complaints?just nothing. It was a perfect day for law enforcement.?

Penni Schroeder, fair director, said about 90 percent of the craft vendors reported solid sales.

?We don?t know officially because we don?t collect the sales tax anymore, but the majority I talked to said the people who wanted to buy stuff still came,? Schroeder said. ?Some of the people who come just to look were probably the ones to stay home.

?Some vendors told us they actually do better when it?s not as crowded.?

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The early weather did keep a few vendors from participating.

?We had a few vendors who didn?t show up because of the pouring rain on Saturday morning,? Schroeder said. ?For the vendors who set up on Saturday morning, it was very challenging.?

As for the 25 sanctioned concession providers, the weather seemed to benefit those who sold food, while those who hoped for a hot day to sell cold drinks saw lower sales.

?It was a food year, not a drink year,? said Todd Vogt, owner of Vogts HomeTown Market, who transported ice to various booths during the day.

Several food providers sold out during the day. The ?Tater Twisters? booth operated by the Hillsboro Evening Lions Club went through its large supply of potatoes by mid-afternoon.

?Probably most of the food vendors did great,? Schroeder said. ?I just think people were ready to sit around and eat?they could sit outdoors and it wasn?t hot.

?I think overall, the actual time frame of the fair was really great,? she added. ?It was cool with no wind. I think that part was almost perfect for the vendors and attenders.?

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