Concern rising over ‘shake and bake’ meth


In addition, new labs can be located anywhere and in something as common as soda bottles.

Authorities suggest that people who find discarded bottles containing an unknown sludge-like mixture should leave them alone.

One state official said the 2-liter bottle with chemicals reacting inside could explode, resulting in third-degree burns to anyone holding it.

While most burn victims are meth cooks themselves, Kinning said, a significant danger exists if an innocent person comes across an unattended cook.

“The attraction of this new method is the ability to make meth in hours instead of days,” he said.

Kinning said the new method of cooking meth produces smaller amounts of the product as opposed to a lab, but the number of people injured from the unstable chemicals is increasing.

“Because the burns are so severe, and the fact that few of the cooks are insured, the cost to the public is amazing,” Kinning said. The average treatment for burns costs about $130,000, he added.

Kinning said even though he and his officers haven’t seen any shake-and-bake cases locally, he wants the public to be aware of this growing trend.

Anyone who suspects someone is making or using meth is urged to call the Marion County Sheriff’s office, 620-382-2144, Hillsboro Police Department, 620-947-3440 or other local law enforcement agencies.

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