Commission gets update on parks developments

The Marion County Commissioners met on Monday for their usual afternoon meetings. In addition to their usual business, the commissioners heard from Isaac Hett, superintendent for the Marion County Park and Lake, regarding the update for the new shop at the lake.

Hett let the commissioners know that the electricians have been working on the office and should finish up next week.

Hett had previously informed the commissioners that he had spoken with local stores and suppliers about food items and various tackle supplies. He spoke with Last Chance Bait who has recommended connecting with a shop in McPherson where they get their supplies. The commissioners approved the shop but also expressed the desire to shop local as much as possible. Propane and battery suppliers were also discussed.

In Monday’s meeting, Hett, the commissioners, County Clerk Tina Spencer and Attorney Brad Janz discussed the need to have policies in place since suppliers would be coming onto the county property of the office to provide products. The officials also expressed their faith in Hett to make decisions for the shop.

“I would like to see at least 75 percent of the purchases to be in county,” said Commissioner Jonah Gehring.

“He [Hett] is going to track his purchases so you can go in and ask him why certain purchases were made,” explained Janz.

“I still think we need some type of purchasing policy which would be easy since we already have a simple one,” said Spencer.

Does the board feel the same about the purchasing policy that Jonah mentioned?” asked Commissioner Randy Dallke.

When no one replied, Janz mentioned that the electricity had been almost completely taken care of and he thought that Hett had most everything else under control. He asked where things were.

Hett stated that he hadn’t purchased fishing supplies yet but had looked at it and the total was around $1500 dollars. He stated he was ready to order it but had not ordered yet.

“I have not ordered it yet. I guess I did not want to order just one or two items at a time. I wanted to know what you all wanted from me,” said Hett.

“Some of the restocking would be under the approved fees, right?” asked Janz.

“Yes, I don’t think it would be ever over the approved $1000,” said Hett.

“Isaac, we trust you to keep it in budget,” said Dallke.

Hett replied. “The electrician is supposed to be done this week. Everything is pretty much ready and good to go. I am ready to go and order inventory this week.”

Janz asked if the perishable items would be delivered or if Hett would have to go and get them.

Hett stated that he would have to run and get them, but he was more than willing to do so.

The board stated that they would like to have things up and running by the 17th and Hett stated he was able to do so.

The board expressed their appreciation and excitement with Hett’s work.

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