City’s clarifies policy for sirens

During his report to the Hillsboro City Council March 6, City Administrator Larry Paine reviewed the city’s policy for sounding warning sirens during severe weather.

He said the question had surfaced publicly after no sirens were sounded Feb. 27 even though regional media were reporting that the city was under a tornado warning.

Paine said Jessey Hiebert, the city’s weather-watch captain, provided the following criteria.

“Tornado sirens will be set off when two of the following three criteria are met: (1) conditions are favorable for tornados; (2) radar indicates a torna­do and (3) weather watchers have spotted a tornado. One exception to this rule would be extreme straight-line winds, which can cause tornado-type damage.”

Paine said the only criterion in play Feb. 27 was the first one.

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