City clamps down on curious coyotes

With no new sightings reported in the past week or two, Hillsboro Police Chief Dan Kinning is hoping the case of the curious coyotes has been solved.

Kinning said his office received multiple reports about the presence of coyotes within city limits. He believes the sightings involve more than one coyote.

?Someone said they actually took a picture of one in town,? he said. ?We live in a very rural area. They probably do come in (to town) after they?ve gotten a little bolder.?

Most of the sighting have been at night on the west side of town, Kinning said, but one daylight sighting occurred near the Tabor College campus.

?That?s pretty unusual.?

Kinning said his department was concerned enough about the visitors to initiate a counter offensive.

?We have some people who are trapping on the edge of town,? he said. ?I know at least one of them has a permit for nuisance animal removal from the state of Kansas. The other one is a local person who has a fur-harvester license.

?The initial guy who called me (about a sighting) thought he knew where they were coming in,? Kinning said. ?I called our conservation officer with Wild?life & Parks, and he said the guy is a very good trapper and knows his stuff.?

Kinning said he is not aware that a coyote has been trapped in town, but he knows one of the trappers has caught several in the general vicinity.

?I think part of the problem is that the population is probably up,? he said.

Kinning said if anyone sees a coyote in town he or she should call the department at 947-3440.

?Let us know, so we can keep track of how well we?re doing, and where they?re at so we can determine where they?re coming in from,? he said.

?We?re trying to take care of the problem.?














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