Chiropractic office opens in Marion

Heather Fay, co-owner of Fay Family Chiropractic, demonstrates her care on a new patient. “It’s important to be very gentle and specific,” she says.Fay Family Chiropractic at 410 E. Main St. is one of the newer businesses in Marion with emphasis on helping people from birth to retirement.

“We are a family practice, and family is important to us,” said Heather Fay, co-owner. “There’s no patient too young for chiropractic.”

Fay said she is proud to bring to the Marion community is pediatric chiropractic services.

“It’s good because we are the only clinic in Marion County to be certified in pediatric chiropractic,” she said. Certification takes about two years and involves additional schooling.

“(A chiropractor) doesn’t need to be certified as a pediatric chiropractor, but it is nice to know people have had specialized training to care for children,” Fay said.

Another benefit of this care is that it translates into the elderly population.

“It’s important to be very gentle and very specific,” Fay said about treating older people.

But care is effective for people of all ages. Typically, Fay will first give someone an assessment to determine if chiropractic care is needed.

“It could be that some people may need to go to the hospital or physical therapy,” she said. “We try to identify that right away.”

Once the problem is identified, Fay said they can set up a course of care that will work for them.

One of Fay’s favorite treatments is with pregnant mothers.

“Chiropractic care can help them be much more com­­fortable throughout their pregnancy and help them (hopefully) have an easier delivery,” she said.

Fay said she is certified in the Webster’s technique, which is tailored for pregnancy.

The clinic also is qualified to help individuals hurt in car accidents or with herniated discs.

Even though Fay treats sports injuries, some athletes might not know that a chiropractor can help them to stay well and perform better in whatever sport they play.

Some people, she said, might come in with concerns about their arthritis; she can evaluate and determine if chiropractic medicine will help them.

Fay said many seniors aren’t aware how chiropractic care can help them.

Not only can she help with relieve pain from arth­ri­tis and other problems, but she can also increase range of motion, balance, coordination and de­­crease joint degeneration.

Whatever the concern, Fay said she addresses those problems that arise. But she said she also enjoys talking with patients about nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

Fay also said she can help with addictions and compulsive disorders using chiropractic.

“We also do a lot of acu­puncture and microcurrent therapy,” she said.

Microcurrent therapy can help speed the healing process, she said.

Paul Fay, her husband, currently is in chiropractic school and will be joining the practice in December.

“Marion is a very friendly place,” Fay said. “Everything we saw we liked.”

When the clinic opened, Fay said she donated $25 from every new patient examination to the Marion Elementary School playground fund.

“We collected more than $500,” she said. “Our slogan has been help yourself, help your community.”

For more information or questions about services, call 620-798-8660 or stop by their newly remodeled office.

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