Becker picks up win for commission

Volunteers Cheryl Bartel and Brenda Kimberly assist Hillsboro Residents Randy and Vianne Hagen as they vote at the poll at the Hillsboro United Methodist Church on Tuesday, Aug. 7. Patty Decker / Free Press

The Marion County Commission completed its canvass during the Monday meeting with some adjustments made after the provisional ballots were reviewed.

In the primary race for the District 1 county commission seat, Kent Becker, incumbent, easily defeated his two other Republican challengers, Larry Cushenbery and Craig Dodd.

After the canvass, Becker picked up an additional 21 votes to make his total at 452.

Cushenbery received another nine votes bringing his total to 228 and Dodd picked up another 10 votes for a total of 202.

All of the commission candidates wanted to thank the people who supported them and the voters who turned out.

With an overall voter turnout of about 35 percent, Becker said he thought that was good.

“I had some fairly stiff opposition,” he said. “I think we are blessed in this country to have this election process (with people competing).”

Tina Spencer, election officer and county clerk, said the election went smoothly.

“Our new equipment functioned well,” she said. “We did have one of the touch screen ballot marking devices jam a few times but a technician came out to repair it.”

The highest percentage of voters in the national, state and county races were in the townships of East Branch, Menno and West Branch at the Goessel City Building with 38 percent of eligible voters casting ballots.

Eligible voters in the Goessel area totalled 914 with 340 of those turning out, she said.

Polling sites

The other seven polling sites and turnout of percentage voting included:

◼ Burns Community Center (Milton and Summit townships) had an eligible 199 voters had 68 voting for a 34 percent turnout.

◼ Florence Masonic Center (Doyle, Fairplay and Florence First and Second townships) had 391 eligible with 114 voting for a 30 percent outcome.

◼ Hillsboro United Meth­odist Church (Lehigh (city) Liberty, Risley and Hillsboro First and Second townships) had a total of 2,263 eligible voters and 704 voting for a 32 percent total.

◼ Lincolnville Community Center (Clark, Clear Creek and Lost Springs townships) had 528 eligible with 146 voting for a 32 percent turnout.

◼ Marion Eastmoor United Methodist Church (Centre, Gale, Grant, Wilson and Marion City north and south townships) had 2,131 eligible voters and a 27 percent turnout or 564 voters casting their ballot.

◼ Peabody Senior Center (Caitlin, East Branch and Peabody East and West (city) townships) had 937 eligible to vote with 218 voting for a 24 percent turnout.

◼ Tampa Senior Center (Blaine (Tampa), Colfax (Ramona) Durham Park (city) Logan and Moore townships) had 454 eligible with 148 voting for 33 percent turnout.

Other comments

Cushenbery said he wanted to thank everyone who voted, but was unhappy he let his supporters down.

In addition, he said he doesn’t plan on going any further (as a write-in) at this point.

Voters countywide, Spencer said, were broken down into three categories to include election day at 2,337; early voters in-person, 239 and advance-by-mail at 126.

“The total number of voters was 2,702,” she said,

Advance, provisional

Spencer said that initially there were 107 advance ballots returned, and those were tabulated on election night.

“We had four advance ballots returned to polling places with the county on election day, and an additional 10 advance ballots that were received in the mail Aug. 10.

“All of those ballots received by mail did have a postmark which indicated they were mailed on or before election day,” she said.

Provisional ballots totalled 44 with five advance and 4 early.

The following information was updated after the canvass.

U.S. House

Dist 1

Alan LaPolice, (D), 342 votes

Roger Marshall, (R), 1,612

Nick Reinecker, (R), 515


Governor/Lt. Governor

Laura Kelly, (D), 200

Joshua Svaty, (D), 75

Arden Andersen, (D), 11

Jack Bergeson, (D), 8

Carl Brewer, (D), 118

Patrick “PK” Kucera, (R), 8

Tyler Ruzich, (R), 6

Ken Selzer, (R), 366

Joseph Tutera Jr., (R), 4

Jim Barnett, (R), 246

Jeff Colyer. (R), 867

Kris Kobach, (R), 723

Secretary of State

Brian ‘Bam’ McClendon, 359

Craig McCullah, (R), 204

Scott Schwab, (R), 669

Dennis Taylor, (R), 243

Randy Duncan, (R), 613

Keith Esau, (R), 262

Attorney General

Sarah G. Swain, (D), 369

Derek Schmidt, (R), 1,981

State Treasurer

Marci Francisco, (D), 371

Jake LaTurner, (R), 1,896

Commissioner of Insurance

Nathaniel McLaughlin, (D), 358

Clark Shultz, (R), 1,221

Vicki Schmidt, (R), 897

Kansas House District 70

Jo Schwartz, (D), 166

John E. Barker, (R), 707

Kansas House District 74

Stephen Owens, (R), 751

Don Schroeder, (R), 626

State Board of Education

District 7

James Hannon, (D), 353

Robert D’Andrea, (R), 1,052

Ben Jones, (R), 796

Becker said that going forward he hopes more of the younger generation will step up and take and interest by getting involved.

With many young people having busy lives, Becker said, that even if they were to go out and vote it would be an important step.

“I’d love to see an 80 percent turnout,” he said, “but that’s probably not going to happen.”

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