410 superintendent recommends cuts totaling $505,229

Unified School District 410 will experience significant changes for the upcoming school year, including a proposed budget ?limited to essential spending.?

That?s the report Superintendent Steve Noble made at Monday?s regular board meeting as he reviewed the process involved in determining to total operational budget reduction of $540,000 for 2011-12.

Actual cuts amount to $505,229. The difference will be covered by transferring funds from the district?s reserve funds.

Action on the budget plan will come a the boad?s may 10 meeting

The proposed cuts were processed by an 18-member BOE Budget Advisory Committee of administrators, site council members, board members and teachers.

The significant hit is staff, with the elimination of 5.80 full-time-equivalent certified staff, plus no raises for personnel.

?Cuts really impact the adults,? Noble said. ?We?ve got to do a lot more with a lot less.?


In addition to the budget cuts, changes will include an eight-period day for Hillsboro middle and high schoolers as well as innovative curriculum options.

Building administrators Evan Yoder, Greg Brown and Max Heinrichs reviewed tentative school day schedules.

?Administratively, we?re going to have to get our heads together to figure things out,? Brown said about finalizing the schedules.

The most significant changes will occur at the high school, which is moving from a successful block schedule to the eight-hour schedule.

Heinrichs said, ?It?s going to be a huge change.?

But he anticipates positive aspects about the change.

?I feel pretty good about this (new) schedule?. I think our kids will flourish still. We?ll still offer some college classes.?

Heinrichs anticipates the district will also offer new courses such as meteorology.

School calendar

The board approved the 2011-12 calendar, which has school starting Aug. 24, more than a week later than this school year.

Noble said the calendar is designed to maximize teaching time?all students will be in or all students will be out of school. In the past, classes may have been held in the high school but not the elementary or middle schools.

?We?re at a point in time when we have to maximize our staff and scheduling,? he said.

Day care needs

In his superintendent report, Noble discussed the community concern for preschool and day care, following the recently announced closing of Kids Connection.

Noble said he believes it?s a critical situation for USD 410, and having quality day care is critical for the community.

Noble said he has been meeting with others about the issue.

?Action is happening,? he said. ?We?re looking to provide these parents with day care and preschool options for their kids.?

A fee-based preschool program may be an option for USD 410, he said, but it has to be self-sustaining. The consensus of the board is for Noble to ?push forward? on the issue.

Virtual school move

Noble also reported about potential issues that can arise in light of the virtual school programs because they are bound by transportation costs or boundaries.

Consequently, Noble said, the Kansas State Department of Education has established a policy about districts offering informational meetings outside of their district.

Districts are to provide written notice that such a meeting is going to be held.

?That has happened to 410,? Noble said.

He was referring to a recent ad from Centre?s virtual school in the Free Press for a meeting at Hillsboro as well as Marion and Herington.

According to Noble, that is a clear violation. He and the other superintendents are going to send a letter to KSDE.

He asked the board to draft a letter to the Centre Board of Education about USD 410?s desire to work collaboratively, but ?we still need to respect each other?s boundaries.?

The board agreed to Noble?s request.

Other business

In other business, the board:

? approved changing the USD 410 grading scale to the following: A = 90-100 percent; B = 80-89 percent; C = 70-79; D = 60-69 and F = 59 percent and below.

The board?s action came after a group of parents raised concerns about the current grading scale at last month?s meeting. Surveys were conducted with teachers, parents and students.

Noble recommended making change primarily because of potential implications for competitive college scholarship that consider grade point average as a factor.

He said attention will be given to standardized testing to determine whether there are changes in learning.

Max Heinrichs, HHS principal, said despite changes in the grading scale, he anticipates the school will maintain the same standards for an A.

?I believe our teachers are professionals and we will see the same product,? he said.

? approved the 2011 master contract with changes as presented.

? approved early retirement from the 2010-11 master contract for teachers Jim Robb, Charlene Driggers and Shirley Baltzer.

? approved the Parents as Teachers assessment of $25,000, the same amount as the past two years.

? approved purchase of a 2011 Chevrolet Suburban, not to exceed $30,000, as listed on the state bid list.

Capital outlay is not affected by the budget cuts, Noble said, and funds from capital outlay will pay for the Suburban.

? approved upcoming facility projects as presented by Keith Goossen, director of transportation and maintenance. Goossen had to revise the priority list because of budget cuts.

All of the projects are accounted for by the proposed budget, Noble added.

? met in executive session for negotiations and personnel.


List of recommended cuts

Following are the adjustments Superintendent Steve Noble recommended to the USD 410 Board of Education at the board?s meeting Monday, April 11. Numbers within parentheses reflect the reduction of dollars.


Certified Staff Reductions: 5.80 FTE (247,926)

Eliminate Payments for Building Improvement Team Members (11,624)

Eliminate Payments for Professional Development Team Members (2,433)

Reduce Budget for Substitute Teachers (3,244)

Reduce Number of Student Contact Days (25,000)

Eliminate One Custodial Position (20,857)

Eliminate Instrumental Music Aide Position (3,718)

Eliminate Budget for Building Secretary Subs (1,352)

Reduce Budget for Custodial Extra Duty (559)

Reduce Budget for Maintenance Extra Duty (5,032)

Reduce Budget for Sub Aides (1,081)

Switch Lunchroom Supervision to Classified Position (1,352)

Find Alternative Funding for School Nurse (17,850)

Find Alternative Funding for Catch-Up Corral (2,703)

Reduce Budget for Existing Early Retirement Payments (18,100)

Eliminate District Payment for Medical Reimbursement Debit Card (900)

Reduce Middle School At Risk Aide by 0.5 Hour (1,777)

Eliminate High School At Risk Sub Aide Budget (250)

Eliminate Middle School At Risk Sub Aide Budget (500)

Increase Budget for Bilingual Aide Salary – 2,000.00

Reduce Budget for Driver’s Education Salary (811)

Eliminate Budget for Subject Area Committee Substitute Salaries (1,433)

Increase Budget for Parents as Teachers Assessment – 750.00

Total Reduced Salary and Employee Benefit Expenses (365,752)


Add Budget for Snow Removal – 1,000.00

Reduce Budget for Contracted Athletic Facility Maintenance (1,500)

Reduce Budget for Purchased Custodial Services (5,000)

Reduce Budget for Receipts for Building Use Revenue Account – 14,500.00

Eliminate Budget for Storage Facility Rental (500)

Reduce Budget for Pest Control (1,000)

Reduce Budget for Property Insurance (2,000)

Reduce Budget for Property Taxes (5,500)

Eliminate Budget for Transportation Facility Rental (2,500)

Eliminate Budget for Administrative Office Facility Rental (7,000)

Move Budget for Carpet Replacement to Capital Outlay (15,000)

Reduce Budget for Building Repairs by 5% (1,800)

Total Reduced Transportation, Maintenance, and Custodial Expenses (26,300)


Find Alternative Source for Funding Trojan Classic Workers (1,622)

Reduce Budget for Student Organization Field Trips (Out of State) (500)

Increase Athletics Subsidy to Include Cheerleading – 1,000.00

Eliminate Separate Cheerleading Subsidy (2,250)

Eliminate Separate Uniforms Subsidy (1,000)

Reduce Budget for Student Insurance (3,500)

Eliminate Separate Budget for Coaching Clinic Registrations and Travel (675)

Eliminate North After-School Activity Route (4,000)

Total Reduced Activities Expenses (12,547)


Reduce Budget for Other Instructional Expenses (Gen) (13,239)

Reduce Media Center Budgets by the Amount of Book Fair Proceeds (1,250)

Increase Budget for Learning Center Enrollment Payments – 22,000.00

Reduce Budget for Other Instructional Expenses (LOB) (4,389)

Reduce Budget for Vocational Education (3,122)

Eliminate Budget for Instructional Software (5,000)

Eliminate Greenbush Enrichment Program Payment (Via TEEN) (3,000)

Eliminate Greenbush Media Library Subscription (Via TEEN) (3,200)

Reduce TEEN Base Assessment (Via TEEN) (2,500)

Total Reduced Curriculum Expenses (13,700)


Reduce Basic Supplies and Paper Budget (1,000)

Reduce Color Copying by 33% (4,000)

Reduce Budget for Postage and Shipping (2,000)

Reduce Budget for Telephone (1,000)

Reduce Budget for District Office Equipment (750)

Eliminate Budget for Employee Appreciation (750)

Reduce Budget for Attorney/Legal Fees (Gen) (2,000)

Total Reduced District Level Expenses (11,500)


Increase Budget for Board Training and Registrations – 600.00

Eliminate Budget for Board Meals and Lodging (400)

Eliminate Budget for Board Miscellaneous Expenses (2,000)

Total Reduced Board Expenses (1,800)


Eliminate Budget for ESSDACK Crisis Intervention Membership (400)

Reduce Budget for District Travel (Non-IDP) (500)

Eliminate Budget for Supt. National Conference Registrations (400)

Eliminate Budget for Supt. Mileage (575)

Eliminate Budget for Supt. National Conference Travel (1,175)

Eliminate Budget for Supt. Other Expenses (200)

Eliminate Budget for National Teacher Conference (2,400)

Reduce Budget for PD 360 Network License (3,600)

Total Reduced Adult Learning Expenses (9,250)


Reduce Budget for Water (1,000)

Reduce Budget for Natural Gas (20,000)

Reduce Budget for Electricity (15,000)

Total Reduced Utilities Expenses (36,000)


Reduce Budget for Network Software (Microsoft Licensing Change) (15,000)

Reduce Budget for Administrative Software Support (500)

Eliminate Budget for Dark Fiber Lease (450)


Total Reduced Technology Expenses (15,950)

Eliminate Budget for Driver’s Education Miscellaneous Expense (1,000)

Eliminate Four Year Old At Risk Equipment Budget (500)

Reduce Building Budgets by 10% (6,800)

Eliminate Middle School Agendas Budget (650)

Eliminate Curriculum Development Supplies Budget (500)

Reduce Building At Risk Budgets by 10% (1,265)

Eliminate Four Year Old At Risk Miscellaneous Expense Budget (1,000)

Eliminate Middle School Counseling Supplies Budget (70)

Eliminate Elementary School Playground Supplies Budget (110)

Eliminate Middle School PE Budget (300)

Eliminate Middle School Technology Budget (235)

Total Reduced Equipment and Supplies Expenses (12,430)


Total Cuts (505,229)

Reserves (34,771)

Total Operational Reductions: (540,000)

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