Don’t wait for the Health Department to call

Marion County, Kansas – Please be advised that local resources are at capacity due to the number of COVID-19 cases throughout the area. Officials request our citizens do the following:

– If you have received notifications that you tested positive for COVID-19, please isolate for ten (10) days from symptom onset or, if asymptomatic, your test date. A person who tested positive for

COVID-19 will need to be in isolation for at least ten (10) days.

– If you are a household contact (close contact) to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, your quarantine will continue for fourteen (14) days once the positive person is released from isolation.

– If you have been notified that you are a direct contact (close contact) of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you will need to quarantine for fourteen (14) days from your last exposure to

the positive contact. Please consult with your local health care provider for evaluation and to determine if testing is recommended. A close contact is defined as the following:

– Lives with the infected person or stayed overnight for at least one night in a house with the infected person.

– Had direct contact with infectious secretions of COVID-19 case (example: being coughed or sneezed on, kissed, contact with dirty tissue, shared a drinking glass, food, towels, or other personal items).

– A person that has participated in or playing contact sports with a positive COVID-19 case. Contact sports involve more than occasional and fleeting contact and include such sports as football,

basketball, rugby, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, boxing, and martial arts. Other sports may be included if social distancing, mask use, and other mitigation measures are not followed.

– A contact in an aircraft sitting within two seats (in any direction) of a person with COVID-19, travel companions, or person providing care, and crew members serving in the section of the aircraft where the index case was seated (if severity of symptoms of movement of the case indicates more extensive exposure, passengers seated in the entire section or all passengers on the aircraft may be considered close contacts).

For general COVID-19 questions and to find out Marion County testing locations, please contact 211.

Please be advised that services at the Marion County Health Department will be limited during this time.

Remember to stay home when you are sick, wash your hands, wear masks, and practice social distancing. The

steps we take as a community are for the community. The only ones to benefit are ourselves.

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