Dale’s Supermarket begins floor work

Portions of Dale’s Supermarket will be blocked off over the next few weeks as the floors are redone. Supreme Floor Company is evening out the old subfloor and putting in a new top floor. The store will remain open while the work is completed.
The old flooring in Dale’s is being torn up and replaced. The timeline is uncertain, but Supreme Floor Company workers are working as quickly as they can to complete the floors. The store remains open, and Dale’s staff will help customers the best they can.

Shoppers noticed that Hillsboro’s Dale’s Supermarket looked different last week when they went in for groceries. The long-awaited work on the rough and uneven floors has begun as the subfloor is repaired and new wooden flooring is installed.

The work is being done locally by Supreme Flooring Company in Hillsboro.

On Monday, Dale Franz explained that there is no specific timeline in place as they have already run into a few issues on the side of the original store (the west side) and it is difficult to predict when the floor will be completed.

“They’ve run into some issues running from the concrete floor to the wood floor. The building’s 120 years old so it’s to be expected. They should be done with that today and then back to putting down more flooring later today,” said Franz. “So we really have no specific timeline. It’s just gonna take them what it takes them. We’re hoping this week we should be pretty close to getting done with this side. And then we’ll start on the newer side next week.”

Franz said they have started pulling more flooring up but will eventually have even more flooring workers in to help pull it up.

“We’ll see how far they get. If they get the extra help in to help pull up the old floor, then it’ll go a lot faster,” said Franz.

According to Franz, most things are available still or can be retrieved by store staff.

“When they put up the plastic from floor to ceiling, they cover all the shelves so that the shelves don’t get dust on them. The other day, aisle five, which is the canned items, most of that was unavailable that day. But we were able to reach a couple of things that were on the bottom shelf or on the top shelf. We could reach from the other aisle—reach over and grab them,” said Franz.

He also said his son Darren did a lot of running around grabbing items when the produce was blocked off.

“He would take orders, go back there and get things out of the back room cooler and stuff like that. Today they’ve got half of the meat case blocked off, so we can still do some, but they’re looking at going down the back aisle, which will block off the meat case and the dairy stuff today,” said Franz.

There may come a time when items will not be available or they will be down a register when the flooring workers get to the front.

“We’re not exactly sure how it’s going to be once we get to the front end where the registers are at. Whether they wall off half of the front and try to do that and then shove registers back and forth. We’ll try to get that figured out when the time comes,” said Franz.

For the most part, people have been patient and understanding.

“Somebody said, ‘Well, they’re taking so long on that one aisle’. I’d rather have it done right than slap it in and go on. They’re pulling up three old layers of flooring plus sub-flooring. It’s quite a bit of work that they have to do to before they can put new down. So yeah, it’s a big process,” said Franz.

Franz said that the hope is to get enough flooring down at the beginning of this week to be able to block off only aisles instead of ends as well to make it easier on shoppers.

“I’d like to go on vacation and come back and have it done when I get back,” said Franz with a laugh. “It’s gonna be great when it’s all finished.”

Dale’s received a $25,000 SEED grant to assist with paying for the floor project which the City of Hillsboro helped secure for the store.

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