County road work progressing as weather warms up

Marion County Commission Board Chairman Randy Dallke had good things to say to Road and Bridge County Engineer Brice Goebel during the regular Monday meeting on March 7. He praised Goebel for roadwork that had been done by the Road and Bridge Department.

You could tell your guys had gotten in there and done some work. It looked like you got it done with a backhoe. I heard good things about it, and it just looked real nice,” Dallke said.

Yeah, we are going to get in on 60th and Nighthawk and get that project done ourselves now that the weather has gotten nice,” Goebel said.

Goebel updated the commissioners on several more projects, including tree trimming, which has been ongoing throughout the county. He reported that they have a contract with a company in Wichita that has multiple crews, so they are able to get them out here and get it all done as soon as possible.

As far as the roofing update, we have completed the shop roof,” he said. “They have put the new tin on the south building, and they just finished the coating of the truck building up here. And I believe they were going on the North building. The skylights are longer than what they anticipated, so they had to make some changes there, but now that the weather is nice, they are moving right along.”

Goebel asked if he could alter plans with repairing culverts/pipes. Due to several weekly calls from the public, he would like focus on crossroad pipes first.

By definition, cross road pipes (CRP) go across the road from east to west or north to south, depending on the orientation of the road. Entrance pipes are just that: entrances to fields, houses or such. Cross road pipes are typically more important and bigger because they handle more water and can cause more problems, typically, if they are bad, need replaced or plugged,” Goebel said.

He also explained that when CRPs were first built, it was mostly single axle feed trucks that were being used that were maybe 24 feet wide

Now we are getting semis that are 36 feet or wider,” Goebel said.

The decision was made for Goebel to compile a list of culverts that need done—both cross roads and entrances—so a plan can be made.

If we are doing one cross road culvert, then we can also do three entrance culverts while we are there,” Goebel said. “The other things we are trying to do is get an order in before the price of steel goes up in April. We are hearing rumors that it is going up at least 25%.

In other business, the board:

met in executive session with IT Consultant Lloyd Davies, Great Plains Computers and Networking to discuss technology security. No action was taken.

met in executive session with Goebel to discuss personnel issues.

received a written update from Marion County Health Department Administrator Diedre Serene, which was presented by County Clerk Tina Spencer. Active cases are currently at eight, and the rolling positivity rate is 8.4%.

conducted department evaluations.

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