County Commission may no longer meet on Monday mornings

Marion County

MARION—The Marion County Commission meetings may soon start at a later time.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of moving the meeting to Monday afternoons to accommodate Marion County Attorney Brad Jantz, who has a conflict on Monday mornings and is not available many weeks to attend.

The commissioners agreed it was important to have Jantz present and thought they should look into moving the meeting to the afternoon, when Jantz had assured them he didn’t have a conflict.

Ideas considered were starting the meeting late morning or around noon to address administrative issues until Jantz arrived to provide counsel for the heavier issues. They also discussed starting later in the afternoon and agreed that if they did, they wouldn’t have an ending time—working past 5 p.m. and going as late as needed on those weeks the meetings went long.

No action was taken on the matter because they need to look at what the state statute will allow in regard to meeting times. But the commissioners want to make a decision quickly and placed the item on the agenda for next week’s meeting.

In other business, the commission approved all but one of its budget allocation payments for the first quarter of 2021, which totaled $53,445.48.

The only exception was the allocation for Prairie View. The county has provided $65,000 to Prairie View in recent years, but this year the organization requested $93,798 because their case load was up and that amount would bring Marion County more in line with other counties on a per capita basis, according to County Clerk Tina Spencer.

While the higher amount is in the budget for 2021, commissioners wanted more information on Prairie View’s need and services in the county before moving forward. The first quarter payment did include a quarter of the $65,000 provided by Marion County in years past.

In other action:

Commissioners pproved paying the emergency preparedness coordinator overtime retroactive to Dec. 21, 2020, and to pay overtime for the office assistant of the emergency preparedness coordinator effective Jan. 21

•County Engineer Brice Goebel told the commission that he submitted reimbursements to FEMA for around $365,000 in regard to flooding damages in 2019-2020.

•After a 10-minute executive session, commissioners approved a motion to change the salary for Ashley Herpich (deputy county clerk) from $3,294.00/mo. to $3,350.00/mo., effective Jan. 10, 2021. Herpich has made a successful transition to accounts payable duties, has an exemplary performance, and celebrated her 10-year anniversary with Marion County.

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