County approves purchase of weather radios for senior center presentations


MarionCountyEmergency Management Director Marcy Hostetler spoke with the board regarding weather radios. Hostetler has been traveling to all of the county senior centers to do presentations on weather and has been handing out radios. The department had purchased 15 WR120 weather radios for in-home use and 15 ER40 weather radios for travel use. At the first senior center presentation, there were 34 attendees. Hostetler gave out five in-home use radios and 15 travel-use ones. At the second senior center presentation there were 40 attendees and Hostetler gave out the remaining 10 in-home use radios. This left the department with a waitlist for 11 travel-use radios and two in-home-use ones.

Hostetler explained that the radios are helpful for seniors as many do not have electronic devices such as smartphones that could make use of weather applications that would give them the same information as the radios.

“Many do not have cell phones and a majority of those who do, have flip phones. Some get alerts on those but they cannot get weather apps,” said Hostetler.

There are still remaining presentations so Hostetler asked for 30 more radios in each category. The in-home use radios are $26.15 per radio plus a $3 shipping and handling fee per radio. The total quote for 30 in-home radios is $874.50. The travel radios are $28.49 each with a shipping and handling fee of $3 each making the total quote for all 30 radios $944.70. The board unanimously approved.

The board also met with Weed/HHW/Transfer Station/Recycle Director Josh Housman regarding the purchase of another trailer for the transfer station.

Housman explained that one of the trailers that the department owns broke down and needs a lot of work and it would be cheaper to purchase a newer one than to pay for all the repairs that are needed on the existing one.

“If it were just a couple thousand dollars I wouldn’t do it but we’re over $11,000 dollars on just the module pieces of it and it may need more,” said Housman.

Housman said that the trailer available for sale is in better shape than one the department has that is a year newer. While he doesn’t have the budget for it in the line item it should fall under due to a rough year of unexpected costs, he does have extra funds in his equipment fund. County Clerk Tina Spencer stated that it would be fine to pull the funds from a different line item as long as he has money somewhere in his budget. The board approved the purchase of the new trailer as long as Housman has funds to cover the purchase.

The purchase of the trailer will bring the department back up to four functioning trailers.

In other business, the board:

n signed a resolution declaring certain delinquent personal property taxes to be dormant and uncollectible. The board discussed that the County Treasurer is responsible for the collection of delinquent personal property taxes and the efforts to affect those collections cause the Treasurer to expend resources that could be better directed elsewhere. The law allows the county to decide that such taxes, liens and judgments can become dormant after 20 years and at any time if the original amount of the judgment was less than $50.

n signed a resolution appointing Marcy Hostetler as Emergency Management Director. Hostetler had been serving as Interim Director for several months.

n had a Veteran’s Memorial Discussion with the Memorial board regarding a Veteran’s Memorial site out at Marion County Lake. There is still work for the group to do regarding legal entities, cost and more so there was not much for the board to do except decide if they wanted to support the concept or not. The board unanimously approved the concept of a county Veteran’s Memorial at the Marion County Lake.

n met in executive session for personnel matters. No action taken.

n met in executive session to discuss personnel performance with Sheriff Jeff Soyez. No action taken.

n heard a department update from County Engineer Bryce Goebel. Goebel mentioned that there is a dump truck available for sale on the Purplewave site that the department needs. The cost for the truck is $180,000 plus an additional $18,000 fee that the department would have to pay to Purplewave. There is no fee to sell equipment on the site and the county has used it to sell items, but they would need to pay the fee to buy something. The board approved bidding on the dump truck 3-0 with Commissioners Jonah Gehring and Kent Becker voting against.

n met in executive session twice to discuss personnel performance with Bryce Goebel. No action taken.

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