County approves county administrator position



The Marion County Board of Commissioners met for their regular meeting on Monday, Dec. 12 to discuss the position of a County Administrator. A draft resolution had been written and updated by County Counselor Brad Jantz. The board had directed County Clerk Tina Spencer to edit the resolution to include the proposed changes from the Nov. 30 meeting. Spencer did make the changes and submitted it to the commissioners.

The board and policy spoke of the position with the intention of it being “implemented with maximum efficiency and service to the public through sensible and economical administrative practices supervised by a county administrator of professional stature, experience, judgment and training” and

provides the Board of County Commissioners of any Kansas County with the authority to exercise powers of home rule as enumerated therein to determine its local affairs and government”.

The group talked about the role of administrator being to serve as an administrative and managerial professional to provide direct assistance to the Marion County Board of Commissioners in the performance of their prescribed duties and responsibilities to the citizens of Marion County.

The County Administrator will serve as the chief administrative officer of the County, subject to the direction and control of the Marion County Board of Commissioners and be responsible for the effective administration of governmental affairs of Marion County which are legally placed in his or her charge.

According to the policy, the County Administrator will also be responsible for the coordination and enforcement of resolutions, policies, rules and regulations adopted by the board, and will be responsible for all county departments with an appointed (non-elected) department head as well as the functions of personnel / human resources, purchasing, and other functions or departments that the board creates or deems appropriate.

Additionally, the County Administrator will carry out the following duties and responsibilities within the limits of and in conformance with the requirements of federal, state, and local laws and applicable county policies including: attending all meetings of the Marion County Board of County Commissioners, presenting proposed policies, programs and plans to address county needs to the board for review, revision and approval, providing recommendations on matters within the scope of the administrative authority granted by the board, presenting an annual recommended operating budget and capital improvement program for review, revision and adoption by the board and participating in the development of a long-term strategic plan for the county, preparing and presenting estimates and projections of anticipated County revenue and expenditures to the Board for planning purposes, monitoring programs, budgets, income and expenditures of all departments and funds and keeping the Board informed of compliance and the financial position of the county, managing county property that is under the authority of the Board and more.

“I just want to make sure we are being fair to the taxpayers and their needs,” said Dallke.

After much discussion, the board approved the position of administrator 4-1 with Randy Dallke voting against.

The next step will be to hire a headhunting firm to finalize the job description and hire someone for the new position.

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