Commissioners accept county engineer’s resignation

The Marion County Board of County Commissioners met on Monday, May 15 for their regular weekly meeting where they reported that County Engineer Brice Goebel had resigned in last week’s meeting, but had asked that no action be taken on it so he could share the decision with the Road and Bridge staff himself before they heard it from others.

Since he had a week to share the information, the board read his letter in the open meeting and accepted it. In the letter, Goebel stated that in the last four years in the position, he felt like he and the department had accomplished much both in improving roads and morale in the department.

“Even with these improvements, the stress of the position has become too much for me and my family. I have found a better opportunity and after careful and thoughtful consideration, I will be resigning my position as County Engineer effective July 5, 2023. I feel this gives adequate time for better transition and allows the commission to find another engineer. Thank you for the opportunity to work in Marion County for the last four years,” said Brice Goebel.

The board discussed what they would like moving forward as far as leaving the position as it is structured now or changing the position.

“I think we just need to look for a department head,” said Commissioner Jonah Gehring.

Commissioner Kent Becker asked if they needed another engineer, and Gehring replied that he did not think so.

“I don’t expect any decisions today, but I want the commission to give that consideration,” said Chairman Dave Mueller. “We’ll put it on the agenda next week.”

The board agreed to think about it and return to discuss it all the following week.

In other business, the board:

n learned from County Attorney Joel Ensey that storage is an issue for the department and a solution will need to be figured out soon as well as a system for having records digitized.

n heard from EMS Director Curt Hasart regarding the need for another ambulance vehicle since several vehicles are having issues. There is a new one available in Iowa for a little over $200,000 once items are added. The department has a budget for $270,000 this budget cycle to add a truck so it would work even if the process is more rushed than Hasart would have preferred.

The board discussed possible options and approved Hasart purchasing a truck for around that price if he can find one due to the immediate need for a working truck.

n met in executive session for pending litigation. No action taken.

n met in executive session for possible litigation. No action taken.

n met in executive session for personnel issues. No action taken.

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