Chiropractor’s office making changes but keeping great care for patients

Dr. Kodi Crofoot, Dr. Troy Fox and Bridget Fox. Dr. Fox and Bridget will be joining Dr. Kodi in the Hillsboro office as well as continuing their practice in McPherson.

Many in Marion County have gone to Panzer Chiropractic for years to help get relief for all kinds of aches and pains. And they still can, but there are quite a few changes going on. One of those changes in the name — Kodi Panzer is now going by her married name of Crofoot. Another major change is ownership. Crofoot has sold her practice to Dr. Troy Fox and his wife Bridget.

“I want to be able to see more pediatric cases. I like working with the colicky babies,” said Dr. Crofoot. “As the owner, I spent a lot of time having to do paperwork and then COVID came along and everything was so limited. Now with things getting back to normal and Dr. Fox taking over, I can focus more on just helping patients which is what I love.”

She will also continue seeing patients she has already been seeing and any who want to get in to see her.

It often took two weeks for returning patients to be able to get in for appointments and new patients even longer since one doctor could only see so many in one day. Adding another doctor will add many more spots.

“We are also going to be adding additional office staff who will not only be able to help out with checking people in but they will be trained on some of the therapies which will help us accommodate more people as well,” said Bridget, who is in charge of the office part of the practice.

Bridget, who already manages Fox Chiropractic in McPherson, will be getting a website up and running that will allow patients to book appointments online for both offices. Patients will also still be allowed to call in and schedule their appointments or make them at the office when they are seen.

“Paying will also be easier now. You can pay with a card once and then we will keep it on file so you don’t have to get it out every time. Parents can also register a card with their teen so they don’t have to worry about payment each time their teen goes. We want to streamline it all and make it easier for the patients,” said Bridget.

There are plans to make other changes as well down the road, but the couple is not in a hurry to revamp it all.

“Our priority is patient care and supporting Kodi. The rest of our changes are going to be small and incremental. We want to see how things are working for our patients and what isn’t. The things that don’t work, we will start changing,” said Dr. Fox.

Some of the things that will eventually change will be the sign out front. The name of the practice will change to Fox Chiropractic and a sign out front will reflect that. They also hope to make some atmosphere changes focusing on sound, smell and light making the waiting room and patient rooms feel like a spa.

“The one thing I have noticed since I started as a chiropractor in 1996 is that everyone is always stressed. Everyone is wound so tightly,” said Dr. Fox. “We want to add some spa features like plants, antique lamps, scents and features to help people feel like this is a place they can come in and just relax.”

Dr. Fox and Bridget live in McPherson and will still be at their practice there two days a week and then at the practice in Hillsboro three days a week.

They love the small-town atmosphere of Hillsboro and are excited to get to know the town.

“I grew up in a small town and have always been drawn to small towns,” said Dr. Fox.

He originally went to college to be a teacher but soon realized that wasn’t what he wanted to do. After getting help from a chiropractor for long-term injuries from doing motocross and wrestling in high school, he realized he wanted to help others the same way. He graduated from chiropractic school in 1996, married Bridget, they moved to McPherson where he opened up a practice. He worked in that practice for 12 years and then closed it to start a company in oil and gas which he ran for 10 years.

“I don’t know what made me do that. The money was good, but I missed helping people. I realized I was getting no satisfaction at all. I missed the smiles on people’s faces and that ‘Oh my gosh, I feel so much better’ after their adjustment. So I came back in and opened up the practice again,” he said.

Now he wants to add to what he is doing.

I decided I wanted to do more. I figured I could build my practice in McPherson bigger or look for another practice to add. So I jumped online to find another practice that was a cash practice like mine and found Kodi’s in about three minutes. I called her up and we started talking,” said Dr. Fox.

“It worked out really well. I was getting burnt out on running things and I really wanted to get back to just spending time with patients,” said Dr. Crofoot.

So while there are many changes happening at the chiropractor’s office in Hillsboro, the attention and care for the patient remain unchanged.

The group will take Medicare but not any other insurance.

Some of the extra services available to patients will be infrared sauna, acupuncture, massages and more. For the infared sauna, the patient will not need to be seen by a doctor every time once they are established.

The final website is not yet done, but you can check out the temporary website at Patients can see either Dr. Fox or Dr. Crofoot at the Hillsboro office or Dr. Fox at the McPherson office. The number in Hillsboro is 620-947-3157. The number in McPherson is 620-480-3063

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