Chingawassa Days comes to Marion

Reagan Dameron works on her chalk art on Saturday morning at Chingawassa Days. Each child artist drew and decorated a rhino in the chalk art competition.
Vivian Schroeder, 7, holds a bearded dragon at the D’zz Spot Reptarium and Educational Center Inc. booth at Chingawassa Days.
D Kellogg (right) helps Vivian Schroeder, 7, hold a rescued gecko at the D’zz Spot Reptarium and Educational Center Inc. booth at Chingawassa Days in Marion on Saturday. Kellogg had several reptiles for guests to hold and learn about at the booth.
D Kellogg shows off 3-year-old python Matilda at his D’zz Spot Reptarium and Educational Inc. booth at Chingawassa Days. The snake, who was a rescue, eats seven-pound rabbits and enjoys being held. Guests were able to hold and pet Matilda at the booth.
Laramie Siebert was one of the first to come through the “truck wash” spot during Saturday’s Trucker Trot Fun run put on by Diamond C Fitness.
Participants of all ages enjoyed the Trucker Trot Fun Run on Saturday at Chingawassa Days. Part way through the race, runners went through the “truck wash” make of pool noodles and streamers and were cheered on with a mist of water, bubbles, semi-truck honks and lots of cheers before completing the two-mile run.
“I’d say we had around 1800 people for the weekend this year. We had a lot of fun despite the rain on Friday. Saturday was a big turnout- all day and for the evening shows. Casey Donhew put on a great show; very energetic and entertaining. Petty Cash was good as well- a lot of great music and vocals from them. One of our goals this year was to increase activities for kids and families in the park and I feel like we did that. We also had an increase in vendors which we will continue to do. People like being able to check out different booths and participate in events throughout the day. There were big turnouts for the wiener dog races, lemon-lime eating contest, cornhole, bingo, the dinky duck float, rock paper scissors and the scavenger hunt,” said Chingawassa Days Director Adam Heerey. “Or sponsors were great this year. Marion National provided BBQ and Friday entertainment, and Wichita Plant Services sponsored Casey Donahew for us. We have many sponsors that we owe a lot to! Thank you. A big thanks to the community coming out to support the weekend as well!”


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