Boutique in Hillsboro offers local shopping options

She Shed Boutique in Hillsboro, located in the Tangles Salon, is a great local place to find gifts for your loved ones or items for yourself all year long. There is something for everyone from baby blankets to jewelry to clothes and more.


The She Shed Boutique, located in the Tangles Salon at 106 S. Main in Hillsboro, offers an assortment of items for those looking to spend some Christmas money, get some gifts they didn’t get wrapped up by Christmas or just for any time of the year shopping needs.

The store opened on Sept. 3, 2019, but many people aren’t aware of it since it is housed inside the salon.

Owner Christina Wildin strives to make the items affordable for shoppers.

“We try to keep our prices fairly low. Like we try to make things affordable for everybody, especially if you in a small town. I don’t usually carry things that are very high priced,” said Wildin. “If anything, it’s more the name, like the Wrangler, like the name brand things that cost more. But our clothing and stuff we try to keep on the lower end but still good quality.”

Wildin, who works as a stylist at the salon along with her mom Allison Schultz, runs the boutique as a side business. Her mom helps out, but it’s mainly Wildin’s business.

“I do most of the ordering and stocking,” said Wildin.

And Wildin keeps the place stocked with an assortment of items.

“A little bit of everything, I guess. We tend to have more Western-style things and we try to carry things for all ages. I don’t have a bunch of kid’s stuff anymore, but I still have some. It doesn’t quite go over as well as women’s clothing, but we try to do some seasonal stuff and purses. And just like knick-knacks and things like that that we like—some homemade stuff, some towels, baby blankets and burp cloths and things like that,” said Wildin.

The boutique is usually open on Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on when the stylists are available. They are also open from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. on Fridays.

“And then it just kind of hit and miss in between—just kind of depends. But if the salon’s open, then the boutique’s open, too,” said Wildin.

Gift certificates are also available for the boutique and for the salon for those who aren’t sure just what to get that person on their list.

For more information, call Wildin at the salon at 620-266-2288 or text her on her cell at 620-204-1629.

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