A Jr. Reporter story: A passion for teaching

Keli (right) with her husband

By: Zaylah Wray (a fourth-grader at Hesston Elementary School)

Once there was a girl who lived by the town of Durham on a farm in a big

yellow house. Her name was Keli. She loved her siblings. Playing with them was awesome! Whenever they played school she was ALWAYS the teacher. Little did anyone know, little bossy Keli would grow up to be a great teacher someday. Keli loved working with kids. In 7th grade Keli started teaching Vacation Bible School at the Durham Baptist Church. When she was in high school she did the kid’s story, too. She went to college at Tabor College and Friends University to become a teacher. Keli, now called Miss Chisholm, taught at Marion Elementary and Hillsboro Elementary schools. She taught preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade. She taught for 8 years. Currently, Keli teaches at SHINE, the Wednesday night program at the Hesston Mennonite Church, and enjoys teaching Sunday school, too. Keli’s favorite things to do with kids are hands-on activities, cooking and playing in nature. Keli now has 5 children of her own so she has many opportunities to teach. She has a passion for it and knows it is a gift from God. Now that school is closed due to COVID-19 she has loved homeschooling her 5 children. She may or may not want school to open again. Keli’s passion started when she was a little girl and has continued her whole life!

Keli’s children, including author Zahlah in the middle in the back
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